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Video Shows Caring Dog Tucking His Humans’ Newborn Baby





Dogs and babies together are so cute to watch. A quick search on the internet will yield countless adorable photos and videos of dogs and babies cuddling and playing together. Although some worry that big and mean-looking dogs might pose a danger to such small and delicate infants, there have been many documented evidences of dogs being more caring and fiercely protective of babies. Like this video of a newborn infant being introduced by his parents to their dog.

After arriving home from the hospital, the parents introduced their bundle of joy to their furry friend. Already feeling a connection with the tiny little thing lying on the couch, the dog slowly approached the baby.

Watch their cute and heartwarming first meeting in the video below:

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Aw, that was just so cute! I bet the little angel’s “big brother” will also be her best friend and fierce protector while growing up!

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