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After You Learn These 9 Camera Tricks. Your Pictures Will Always Look Awesome!





I love taking photos. Why, you ask? It’s because photos capture the exact moment as it is. And each time I look at old photos, without needing words, it allows me to relive that same exact moment – the people around me, how I felt, and what I was thinking.

Each time I take a photo, I try my best to make it appear artistic and creative. But, unfortunately, I can’t nail it all the time. Apparently, just because I like to take photos doesn’t mean I’m good at it (duh?).

But hey, for dummies like me out there, there’s no need to fret! With the help of these tips from Steve McCurry, a professional photographer, we’ll be able to improve our photo taking skills regardless of the camera that we use.

Let’s take a look at these 9 photo composition tips:

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Cool, huh? Now I can’t wait to try these tricks!

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H/T: Cooperative of Photography

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