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After You Learn These 9 Camera Tricks. Your Pictures Will Always Look Awesome!

I can’t wait to try these tips! Where is my camera?!

I love taking photos. Why, you ask? It’s because photos capture the exact moment as it is. And each time I look at old photos, without needing words, it allows me to relive that same exact moment – the people around me, how I felt, and what I was thinking.

Each time I take a photo, I try my best to make it appear artistic and creative. But, unfortunately, I can’t nail it all the time. Apparently, just because I like to take photos doesn’t mean I’m good at it (duh?).

But hey, for dummies like me out there, there’s no need to fret! With the help of these tips from Steve McCurry, a professional photographer, we’ll be able to improve our photo taking skills regardless of the camera that we use.

Let’s take a look at these 9 photo composition tips:

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Cool, huh? Now I can’t wait to try these tricks!

Do you have other photo taking tips that you can share? Type away in the comments box below, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends!

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A Waffle House Customer Stormed a Woman Beater Who Suddenly Became Gentle Out of Fear.

“He jumped in because no one else had the balls to do anything about it.”

Abuse of women is a rampant social issue that has got lots of advocates speak up in the hopes of ending the disgusting practice. This is exactly the case of a Waffle house diner in America who saw a fellow customer verbally and physically abuse his female companion.

When the commotion on the other table got out of hand with the abusive man putting his hand around the woman's neck, the concerned diner who is a Gulf War veteran lost it.

The veteran went over to the other table to stop the commotion.


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This Artist Can Make You ‘Disappear’ In The Landscape.

Can you spot what’s going on in these pictures?


Art is like beauty in such a way that people have different opinions and perceptions about what it is. What some think of as a form of 'art' may not be 'art' for somebody else. From engravings and drawings set in stone during the prehistoric period, to the modern and contemporary art today where Video, Assemblage, and Graffiti  have been considered art forms- art has definitely evolved. But regardless of the artist's style and medium, art is meant to allow the artist to express and convey their message to the audience.

Natalie Flectcher found her passion in body painting. Her work is so amazing that you'll think it's photoshopped! The talented artist has mastered this art form and was able to produce numerous portraits, including The Great Outdoors, Lost in The Landscape, and The Water's Edge series.

These 12 pictures below showcase her talent. You'll have to look closely to see where the body of the models end and the landscape begins!...

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Athletes Took an Awesome Stand When a Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Was Bullied.

She was bullied but these boys stood up for her. Bless your kind souls.


At some point in our lives, we experienced being bullied and laughed at. When we felt like we don't belong and we tried so hard to fit in. It could be the end for some but others chose to stand up for what's right, to speak up and defend themselves or anyone in need just like this very inspiring story of Dee.

Desiree Andrews or 'Dee' is one of the cheerleaders at Lincoln Middle School in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She is an eighth grader with down syndrome, trying to live a normal life that she deserves.

During a recent basketball game, Desiree was performing with the Lady Knights' Cheerleading Squad but was being bullied from the stands. That was when a few players from the basketball team came to her defense as Kenosha News reported....

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