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Cambodian Boy Impresses Tourists By Speaking 10 Languages Fluently





How many languages can you confidently speak? A Cambodian boy is impressing tourists with his mastery of several different languages. The little vendor is fluent in 10 different languages including French, Japanese, and Spanish. Not surprisingly, the video of the tiny linguist has gone viral – plus it resulted in an amazing sponsorship by Red Cross.

A Malaysian traveler named Venus came across the Cambodian boy during a trip to Siem Reap. The little vendor was selling souvenirs and had approached the tourist while speaking Cantonese. However, it wasn’t the only language he spoke. The tiny merchant began proving that he could communicate with visitors from almost any country.

Venus was impressed by how quickly the boy could switch between languages.

The boy initially showed off his prowess of French then quickly switched to Cantonese and Japanese. He also responded when Venus began speaking Mandarin and Thai. In addition to that, the talented little vendor sang for his customers in Mandarin.

Venus kept asking him about the other languages he knew and found out that he also speaks Spanish. The boy could also count in German and Malay. He also tried to convince the ladies to buy his wares in Filipino.

Overall, the Cambodian boy could speak 10 languages including English and Korean. He revealed that he learned the different languages from other tourists visiting the Ta Prohm temple at Angkor Wat.

The little linguist takes a break under a tree.

It’s no surprise that the video immediately went viral. Interestingly, it also caught the eye of the Cambodian government who moved in to help the little vendor.

A report reveals that the young boy and his brother have been contacted by the Cambodian Red Cross. They were given the chance to go to school as well as food donations.

Although this would mean that the little linguist might no longer be impressing tourists at Angkor Wat, it’s still great news. There is little doubt that the talented boy will excel in school and grow up to become a great man.

Watch the impressive full video below:

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