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Fishing Buddies Rescue Kittens Abandoned In The Warrior River

These guys just changed the meaning of catfishing!


Jason Frost and Brandon Key were just out fishing in the Warrior River on Alabama on August 29, 2015. It was just another usual fishing day until they caught something that caught them by surprise: kittens!

In the beginning of the video, Jason was totally shocked when he saw two kittens swimming towards their boat. He then leaned over to pick one of them out of the river. A few seconds after, another kitten followed, which Jason also rescued.

The place where they found the kittens was clearly a remote area. There was no way the kittens could have gone there by themselves. Jason assumes that the poor kittens were intentionally left there by some heartless person.

Watch how they rescued the poor kittens here:

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Fortunately, the kittens were adopted by a young family that Jason and Brandon met on their way home. It’s good to know they are now safe and dry.

H/T: Distractify, The Dodo



Wild Seal Asks Diver For Belly Rub And Responds Just Like A Puppy

Just like dogs, this particular seal also enjoyed getting belly rubs.


An underwater video shows an amazing encounter between a thrill-seeking diver and an Atlantic grey seal.

Gary Grayson, the 55-year-old diver from Salford, United Kingdom was out diving in the Isles of Scilly in 2012 when a seal approached him and reach for his hand.

But the seal clearly wanted something more and it was totally unexpected. Apparently, the cute fellah wanted a belly rub.

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This Video Showing A Cat Kissing a Koi Fish Is Just Too Sweet!

Timo the cat is just absolutely sweet!

Cats are one of the sweetest pets, right? Unless they're in a bad disposition, cats are very affectionate. They purr when they see their owners, they play yarn with other cats, and I've seen a cat who even became a parent to a puppy. However, there are cats that are just extraordinarily special and affectionate.

One cat by the name of Timo is just absolutely affectionate. Not just to his owner but to the other pets in their home. He specially loves one of the Koi fish that has been his friend since they met three years ago.

Impossible, you may say, but Timo isn't just a caring cat to this Koi fish. He even greets his friend with a kiss whenever he goes to the backyard pond where his fish friend lives.

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This Raccoon’s Big Brother Gets Nervous When He Swims in the Pool

His brother is just overly protective!

Our big brothers and sisters have this instinct to protect us. Sometimes, they're just overprotective, right? Just when we are about to have fun, they get in the way and spoil it!

It's the same for Waylon and Willy. These two pet raccoons are as close as brothers could be. Waylon is the daring little brother, and Willy is the overprotective big brother.

What's supposed to be a fun swim for Waylon was cut short as his big brother Willy panics when he gets into the water. You will see Willy shaking as he seems to be telling Waylon to get off the water. And that's what Waylon did, after almost a minute of swim, the poor raccoon listened to his big brother. You will see Willy trying to pull Waylon out of the pool. It's absolutely hilarious!

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