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Poor Cat Finally Freed After Being Trapped in a Wall for FIVE Years.

For the love of animals. Pass it on.


This is exactly what happened to a cat named Biso, which managed to squeeze itself into a hole in the wall in a metro station in Cairo, Egypt. It was completely trapped since there was no way to get out of there.

It would have died all alone in the dark if it weren’t for an old man named Uncle Abdo,who gave the poor cat food and water through a small gap in the wall. He used to own a small shop right outside the train station and was already looking out for Biso back when he was still a stray kitten.


When Biso got trapped in the wall, the kind man continued to feed him even after his shop closed in 2011. He still went to the station everyday to look after the cat. Biso stayed in that “tomb” for years until help came for him just this month, which started when someone posted this picture on a Facebook page for animal rescue.

The cat’s tail hanging from the wall opening.


You can see Biso’s tail hanging from a small opening in the wall. Breaking the wall is not that simple since the station is public property. Several animal rights activists decided to put pressure on the employees of the metro station to free Biso. Eventually, workers removed parts of the wall so that Biso could come out.


Parts of the wall were dismantled for Biso’s rescue.


The terrified cat, which hasn’t seen daylight in about five years, wouldn’t come out at first and only surfaced when a worker went inside the hole to retrieve him. The rescue took five hours. Before anyone could catch him or take pictures of him, Biso ran away, presumably to hide somewhere in the station.

Uncle Abdo and one of the activists went around the station to search for the hiding cat. You can see the old man’s total devotion to Biso… such a kind man! I hope there are more people like him and those activists who do whatever it takes to rescue animals in dire situations.

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H/T: TheCairoPost, TheDodo


This Dog’s Sixth Sense Helped Detect His Master’s Condition.

Dogs are simply amazing.

Dogs have some kind of a sixth sense, don't they? They can see, hear, smell, and know things before any human can. I guess this is one of the endearing qualities our furry friends possess because this way, they can protect us and save us from danger.

That was the case of Max, a 9-year old red Collie cross and his owner Maureen Burns last 2008. Max has always been full of energy and enthusiasm, so Maureen got concerned when the feisty creature became sad and started behaving strangely. She thought that maybe, since Max is already nine and a half years old, the pup may be fading away. Maureen thought that she had to prepare herself for the inevitable.

However, something about Max's behavior made Maureen think that something else was wrong. Max had been coming up to her to touch her breast with his nose, then he would move away with a very sad look in his eyes. Maureen had a lump on her breast before but did not mind it then because all her latest scans and mammogram were negative. It was not until one day, when Maureen was staring at herself in the mirror and saw how Max looked at her reflection, did she realize that maybe it was cancer. She went to a doctor and had a biopsy exam performed. Eventually, she had the cancer removed.  Surprisingly, Max went back to his usual self immediately after Maureen was discharged from the hospital.

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This Baby Learns the Baby Sign Language at 3 Months Old! Whoa…

This smart and adorable baby will definitely capture your heart!

Babies are undeniably adorable. They have these cute antics that are sure to make you fall for their charms immediately. Their cooing, smiling, and giggling just make them more lovable.

However, not very often do we encounter babies with advanced skills. Of course, I'm not talking about weird skills like acrobatics or walking on a thin wire. I'm talking about baby skills, like baby sign language.

Baby sign language involves teaching babies to use signs when they want to communicate something simple like "eat" or "sleep." For example, a mother can teach her baby the sign for language milk, mom, up, or down. Babies typically learn the sign language when they reach six months old. But that's not the case for Malynn, a three-month-old baby.

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This Woman’s Baby was Stolen. 17 Years Later, They Finally Found Her Right Under Their Noses!

After 17 years, this family is getting the miracle they prayed for.

It took 17 long rigorous years of tormented nightmares before Zephany Nurse was finally reunited to her family in Cape Town after a close distinction was associated to her by her younger sister and fellow pupils.

It was almost close to being forgotten when the mysterious disappearance of a three-day old infant sleeping soundly in her own mother’s arms in Cape Town's Groote Schuur Hospital feasted both the local and international news. Since then, the manhunt for the prime suspect left the whole town puzzled. Long did they know, the answer to their prayers is just right under their noses as not only are they neighbors but also schoolmates!

By faith or by destiny, no exact word best describes the amount of joy and happiness Cassidy Nurse, aged 14, brought to parents Morné and Celeste after sharing the close resemblance to an older schoolmate named Zephany. From then on, the Nurses did not waste any time and immediately invited Zephany for a simple tea party. Zephany's aunt Chantelle Nurse described Celeste of being emotional during the first meeting saying, "She was just crying and she knew that this was her child." Hence, the meet and greet gave them ample time to collate sufficient DNA samples for testing purposes. Low and behold, the search is finally over—the DNA matched!

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