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Brokenhearted Mother Shares Real Panic After Her Kids Saw Momo on Youtube

In this age of Internet, even monsters have become digital! Look at this Momo creature… Creepy!

Margaret Tionquiao





A brokenhearted mother has turned to Facebook to raise awareness about the very real fear that the monster now known as “Momo” is sowing among children via Youtube. The notorious Momo, which first made its appearance in 2018 apparently lives on, despite numerous posts about how it has left de.ath in its wake.


This notorious Momo Challenge, tagged as a digital urban legend, has reached several years worth of notoriety in a short period. This level would have been impossible a few years ago.

In this new post, Facebook user Caiarama Ashby shared photos and a video of two children in tears talking about their fear of the creature. The post says that the children shook in fear at the mention of Momo. They also kept saying will come for their parents.


Ashby shared that in his fear, her 7-year old son begged his father to dig up their house and move it elsewhere. The boy allegedly saw the “Momo ad” while watching a Youtube video with a bunch of friends at school. The video also allegedly threatened that “Momo will ki.ll their parents tonight” if they stopped watching.

Trevor Blank, an assistant professor at SUNY Potsdam, said, “The internet allows urban legends to spread instantaneously.”

Because of the Internet, urban legends have become digital and can rival even the monsters of the night. Ashby’s post proves that the fear it brings both to children and parents alike is as real as can be.

In fact, the post itself concluded with a plea for parents, which reads,

“Please parents, sit down and have a quick chat to your child about this as they might feel like they have to keep it a secret to keep us safe, but really NO CHILD SHOULD EVER FEEL THE NEED TO PROTECT US WHEN WE SHOULD BE THE ONES MAKING THEM FEEL SAFE, LOVED AND PROTECTED AT ALL TIMES 24/7! Keep an eye out.”

Read the full post here:


To those who do not know yet, Momo was originally a challenge believed to be a hoax spread by parents and media outlets. Supposedly, there are anonymous WhatsApp numbers allegedly floating around Facebook daring people to make contact. Those who accept the challenge gets greetings from a monster with bulging eyes and a horrifying smile – Momo. Momo then issues challenges — usually threatening messages — which eventually culminates in a dare for the person to commit suicide.

Though several reports claim that there are no records of any instances when anybody received a reply but this Internet monster continue to spread all over the world.

Watch Ashby’s video and share your thoughts with us!


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