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Brazilian Artist Turns Old Tires Into Colorful Pet Beds

Would you get one of these environment-friendly pet beds for your own beloved dog or cat?


Most of us usually just throw away things that we no longer need. However, one Brazilian artist has found a great new purpose for old tires that have been tossed in the trash. He decided to turn the tires into amazing beds for your beloved pets.

Amarildo Silva is an awesome artist based in Campina Grande, Brazil who likes to take garbage left on the street and turning them into something useful. Silva started collecting tires when he realized that homeless animals would use them as makeshift beds. The craftsman decided he could repurpose the old tires and create them into an environmentally friendly and cozy bed for pets.

Silva has turned hundreds of old tires into amazing little pet beds.

The Brazilian artist crafts the beds himself.

Silva would first clean the tires before cutting them and placing pillows inside. He would then paint them and even add the pet’s name to the new bed.

The beds are such a success that Silva has turned it into a full-time business. The Brazilian entrepreneur founded Caominhas Pets and has churned out hundreds of colorful beds in the past year.

The pet beds are truly a big hit with environmentally conscious citizens and animal lovers alike. In addition to being comfortable for dogs and cats of any size, Silva’s business keeps the old tires from turning into garbage.

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Although the pet beds are Silva’s most popular works, it’s hardly the only thing that the artist creates. He has also crafted tires into new flower pots that are just as colorful as the plants they hold.

People are certainly loving the pet beds at Caominhas Pets. Several have praised Silva for looking out for the animals as well as the environment. After all, the business also supports animal rescues in Brazil.

What do you think of these awesome pet beds? Would you get one for your beloved dog or cat? Let us know in the comments below.

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