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This Boy’s Illness Stopped Him From Playing the Drums. What his Teacher did? Truly Inspiring!





“I don’t believe in I can’t.”
Gina Christopherson, Teacher

Swanville, Minnesota–A high school student named Ethan Och amazingly beats the drums and parades with the school band on his wheelchair. Ethan is a 14-year old boy who had been diagnosed with a genetic disorder known as spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)- an illness that causes progressive muscle weakness and affects voluntary movement.

Ethan’s parents encouraged him to join the school band in 2011, and he opted to play the drums. He viewed this as a new and challenging experience; however, as his illness progressed, he also gradually lost his ability to play the instrument. Soon he became too weak and exhausted that he had no choice but to quit the band.

Teacher and band director Ms. Gina Christopherson, refused to give up on this young man. She was able to find a brilliant idea that enabled him to play the drums and join the marching band again.

Watch this very inspiring video:

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