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Technology Gives Blind Mother Rare Opportunity To See Her Newborn





For a mother, the first glimpse of her newly born child will be the most cherished moment she will definitely treasure for the rest of her life. Imagine the mother’s anticipation to meet her child for the first time after patiently waiting for 9 months. And when the baby comes out, no words can express the happiness it will bring to the mother. But what if the mother is blind and she never expect to see her newborn baby. Can you imagine her joy if she had the chance to see her child with the help of technology?

That is what happened to Kathy Beitz, the blind mother in this video. She lost her vision when she was a child. But thanks to the new technology called eSight, she got the rare opportunity to see her newborn son for a very limited time. Just seeing the smile on the mother’s face, has definitely touched me. And I know, even if it was just for a few minutes, for her, it would be a lifetime of happiness.

Watch the heart-touching video:

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According to the website of eSight,

“Users have complete control over the image they see, which means that [they] can enhance, magnify, and adjust the image to ensure their eyes can best interpret their world.”

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