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Blind Man Sees His Family For The First Time In 20 Years. His Reaction Will Move You to Tears.





These wearable electronic glasses called eSight allows a legally blind person to see. Most of them retain some very limited eyesight, often concentrated in their peripheral vision. Their eyes do not receive an adequate signal for the brain to identify what is being seen. This results to blurriness, blind spot and inability to recognize contrast which are then eliminated or corrected by eSight.

On the other hand, this technology doesn’t work for people who are profoundly blind since there should be some vision, although slight that can be electronically enhanced by eSight. Nevertheless, it’s great to know that they can make a lot of difference to some who almost gave up, hopeless that they can see a single light or even see the faces of their loved ones after living in darkness.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

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Mark Cornell has lost his eyesight 20 years ago after serving the United Air Force for 18 years. Through the help of eSight eyewear, his dream of seeing his family for the first time finally came true. His reaction was just priceless. Looking at him crying with pure joy upon seeing each member of his family is overwhelming.

This one of a kind technology is truly life-changing. Another blind woman also benefits from this amazing technology, watch out her emotional reaction when she saw her newborn baby for the first time.

Credits: eSight

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