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Bodybuilder Claims Going Vegan Improved His Eyesight In Just Six Months





A bodybuilder from Norwich, England is claiming that going vegan significantly improved his terrible eyesight. Paul Kerton, 45 years old, started ditching meats because of his partner’s encouragements – and now he says he’s already reaping the rewards after only six months.

In the past, Paul mainly consumed a “hugely animal protein diet,” according to the Daily Mail. Because of shortsightedness, his eyesight was -3.50 in one eye and -3.00 in the other. That has since changed and now he has -1.75 and -1.50.

In an interview, Paul told the site:

“There was a time I was probably eating more animal products than anyone else you’ve ever met.

“I was in such a rush to pack on muscle that in the end I was consuming 500 grams of animal protein every single day. I would eat my way through 10kg of chicken and guzzle down 42 litres of milk every week. I’d cram in lots of tuna and the odd steak and wash it all down with copious amounts of whey protein.

“So, obviously, in the beginning I was resistant, thinking meat was essential for muscle growth, or that if we don’t have dairy our bones will crumble!”

Now he’s just pleased with the outcome after exclusively eating a plant-based diet and taking CBD Armour supplements.

He further shared:

“Happily I had the good sense to follow my partner’s [35-year-old Gemma Nichols] lead.

“Six months into being vegan, far from ruining my training I was the strongest I’d ever been, leg pressing over 400kg for 16 reps.

“I used to be blind as a bat, but in the first six months of turning vegan, my vision improved vastly. My ophthalmologist nearly fell off his chair when I had an eye test and my vision and I saw how much my eyesight had improved.

“I still wear contact lenses but they’re half the strength they used to be. I wholeheartedly believe it’s because of veganism.”

Of course, not everyone is convinced with the bodybuilder’s claims.

For instance, eye surgeon David Allamby offered:

“Paul experienced quite a significant change in vision acuity – which is unusual.

“And you can get prescription changes with the onset of cataracts, including a reduction in myopia.

“I’d suggest he gets his eyes examined again to rule-out anything untoward.”

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