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Black Teen Shares His Mother’s Advice on How to Stay Safe From Racial Discrimination

“Don’t put your hoodie on. Don’t stare at a Caucasian woman.”





  • Cameron Welch was told by his mom not to “ride with the music too loud” and “stare at a Caucasian woman.”
  • On top of that, he was told not to resist the cops and just cooperate.
  • The death of George Floyd has sparked outrage from people around the world and black people are speaking out.

The death of George Floyd in the hands of a white policeman has spawned a huge wave of protests in the U.S. and earned loads of support from all around the world.

Black people, ordinary citizens and celebrities alike, are coming out to voice out their experiences of discrimination in order to educate others on what they have to go through in their daily lives.

Cameron Welch, a black teenager from Houston, Texas, shared about his mother’s “unwritten rules” in order to keep himself safe from acts of discrimination.

“Don’t ride with the music too loud. Never leave the store without a receipt or a bag, even if it’s just a pack of gum,” Welch said in his TikTok video.

He also added:

“Never leave the house without your ID. If you ever get pulled over, put your hands on the dashboard and ask if you can get your license and registration out.”

Watch the full video here:

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It’s heartbreaking to know that black people have to have a list such as this, especially in this time and age.

Several of Welch’s rules are very significant in relation to what happened to George Floyd, which include “If a cop stops you randomly and starts questioning you, don’t talk back, just compromise.”

“I made the video for more people to understand how my people feel day to day,” Welch said. “The attention I’m receiving is very positive [and I] love to see that I’m making a difference.”

Sadly, the rules that Welch’s mom made has become standard talk among many black people when it comes to living with racial discrimination. This goes way back to the times when black men can be lynched for daring to look at a white woman or refusing to make way for white people.

Fred Robinson, a prominent minister and father of three children, says that “The Talk” has to change because it puts the burden on the black community.

“It puts the focus on us rather than where it should be — on racism in the police department and the way black people are targeted.” Robinson said in a CNN interview.

He added that Americans “ought to have a right to have a bad day, to question a police officer or to question an order that doesn’t seem right.”

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