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Gun Store Owner Shoots and Kills Looters To Defend His Shop




  • Using his AR-15, Greg Isabella defended his gun shop from a group of looters by firing at them.
  • The incident resulted to the death of one of the crooks while the others were able to escape.
  • Investigations are currently ongoing and the 67-year-old store owner refused to comment.

A gun shop owner in South Philadelphia took it upon himself to stand up against looters who tried robbing his store. According to reports, Firing Line Inc owner Greg Isabella spotted a group of 3 or 4 people breaking into his store at around 4 AM.

The 67-year-old shop owner spotted the thieves through his security camera. When he tried confronting them, they didn’t stop and one of them even pointed a gun at him.

They messed with the wrong guy.

Isabella took matters into his own hands and defended his life by shooting at the thieves. He ended up killing one of them while the others had been injured. Although most of them managed to escape, a local hospital has informed authorities that they have received a gunshot patient who has a shoulder wound.

Meanwhile, Isabella shared this wasn’t the first time that looters attempted stealing from his shop. According to him, his gate lock has been cut with bolt cutters while his backdoor has been shattered.

“I have no comment,” Isabella told reporters when asked about the incident.

Steve Keeley, news reporter of FOX 29 Philadelphia, posted about the story on his Twitter account. Isabella, however, declined to give a comment when he was asked to shared what happened.

Like several other cities in the United States, Philadelphia has seen its share of lawless violence over the past days. The chaos began with the death of George Floyd, who passed away as police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck.

Numerous protests have been held around the country which eventually escalated into widespread riots, fires, and looting. Some authorities, however, many of the crimes aren’t caused by those protesting for justice for George Floyd’s death.

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