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“BIRDMAN” Star And Jimmy Fallon Read Scripts Written By Kids. The Result? HILARIOUS!





Whenever we hear about the late-night show that airs on NBC which is “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” we know we are in for so much entertainment and laughter. With Jimmy’s sense of humor and the creative production behind the show, every episode is a guaranteed hilarity.

Meanwhile, the award winning actor, director, producer and former comedian Michael Keaton recently visited the late-night show. Known for his versatility, Keaton earned numerous acting awards and a variety of successful films like Jack Frost, Batman, Robocop and provided voices for characters in Pixar films Cars and Toy Story 3.

While promoting the critically acclaimed film “Birdman,” Fallon challenged the actor by performing scenes from the movie with scripts written by elementary school kids. Kids were only given “Birdman” as the title and it was up to them to write what type story they picture it to be. The outcome of kids doing both theater and script writing was just way too funny.


My favorite part would be Keaton’s “Caw! Caw! Caw!” which made everyone crack up and these lines:

Baseball Hitter: “Where can I get wings?”

Birdman: “Target or Walmart”

Even Fallon and the “Birdman” star couldn’t stop laughing. The kids obviously nailed it. Their innocence and natural wit made them more amusing. Former comedian Michael Keaton still has his funny side too, no wonder he got that Best Actor award.

Watch the funny video:

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These kids can be the next famous hosts, comedians and actors of the future. Do you agree?

Credits: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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