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Jimmy Kimmel’s Pedestrian Question: “Is Obama a Muslim?” Their Answers will Shock You!

He’s been the US president for seven years now, but apparently, they still don’t know his religion.


How well do you know your president?

Barack Obama was first elected as the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world last January 2009 and was re-elected last 2013. He is now nearing the end of his second and final term.

Despite his years of service, did you know that the majority of the Republicans are still unsure of Obama’s true religion? According to a new public policy poll, 54% of these people believe he is a Muslim.

Jimmy Kimmel, the Emmy award-winning talk show host, was shocked when he learned about this fact. Having been known for the sensible and humorous segments the show has, he thought that the topic was great for his audience guessing game called Pedestrian Question. So he sent his crew on the streets and asked random people:

“Is Barack Obama a Muslim?”

Out of seven people, can you make a wild guess how many people said yes? Watch this video, I’m sure you’ll be surprised by their answers!

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H/T: Jimmy Kimmel Live, Daily Dot, Washington Post


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Miley Cyrus Disguises Herself as Reporter, Asks Random People What They Think of Her!

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