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Japan’s Insane Game Show ‘Slippery Stairs’ Is Pretty Frustrating To Watch

The Japanese game show “Slippery Stairs” is the world’s most frustrating game show ever.


We have been enjoying years of privileged life in the golden age of T.V. The entertainment industry has never been so satisfying with numerous mind-blowing episodes of storytelling premiered on T.V. networks.

But it turns out, we still haven’t seen the best of entertainment yet. We almost thought that the Koreans will reign the television, but apparently, nothing compares to the shows the Japanese are producing.

The Japanese game show “Slippery Stair” is quickly becoming popular throughout the world.

Source: youtube

There’s no questioning about the creativity being manifested by the Japanese. They always come up with weird but actually useful inventions. And now, they are taking their genius ideas to the television.

Producers of Japan are coming up with the craziest ideas for gag and game shows that make for an awesome T.V. experience. People around the world have become fascinated and curious of their entertainment value since most of their game shows challenge our mind to understand what’s really going on among the lights and sound effects. But even if we are puzzled, we still can’t stop watching with the all the funny facial expressions and the ridiculous challenges the contestants willingly go through.

Watching the game is so frustrating, you just want to go to the set and try it yourself.

Source: youtube

Among the Japanese game shows airing on television today, we can name some of the most insane and most intense plots as the “Shower Girl!,” “Wall of Boxes,” “No More Floor,” “Stinky Undies,” and the adrenaline-activating “Dead Meat.” But now we give you yet another laughter-jerking TV game show that your eyes will surely have the pleasure of taking in: “Slippery Stairs.”

You probably never imagined that watching six contestants in a race to climb a very slippery stair could be so invigorating and fun. The “Slippery Stairs” will most definitely make you get you up from being seated on your chair and would want to finish the challenge yourself. The aim of this game is to reach the top of the staircase before anyone else does, but their task is made more difficult by some soapy, slippery stairs.

Contestants race to reach the top of the stairs before the others but with the continuous flow of lube, they surely have a hard time climbing the slippery stairs.

An episode of “Slippery Stairs” was recently shared on Youtube and it has quickly captured the internet for good reasons. The competition displays pure athleticism and live dramas, and the contestants in latex onesies who keep tumbling down the staircase are so effective at giving the audience a good laugh.

Now that “Slippery Stairs” is gaining international recognition, you sure will be able to witness more ridiculous moments that will raise your blood pressure at the same time. Watch the hilarious clip below and be acquainted with Japan’s newest game show creation.

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Barbie Gets a Hijab and is Modeled After an Olympic Fencer

It is the latest addition in the company’s “Shero” collection, with Ibtihaj Muhammad being the model.

If you think Barbie could not get any better, then you probably have not heard the recent update. That is because she, for the first in history, will be wearing a hijab. And she will be modeled after a titular Olympic fencer.

The company Mattel announced that the newest inclusion in its “Shero” doll collection would be modeled after Ibtihaj Muhammed, the said Olympic athlete. Muhammed was known for being the first American to ever compete in the games while wearing a hijab.

Barbie's newest version will find her wearing a hijab.

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45 Times Former ‘Buffy’ Star Hilariously Recreated Celebrity Outfits

And he is only using the cheapest, available stuff at home!

If you have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you would agree that it was one of the most popular TV series back then. This was way before the likes of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead took the industry by storm. And when talking about the said show, it is a crime not to include Tom Lenk on the topic.

Lenk was known for his role as Andrew Wells, but he was more applauded for his witty side. That is because the actor has been recreating fashionable outfits of fellow celebrities since then. From various premieres to award shows to photo shoots, he uses all of them as “inspiration.” Interestingly, his works involved the simplest of stuff – the kind that you can buy for a dollar or two.

Take a look at some of his famous recreations below and find out which one is your favorite. Enjoy!

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Coco Austin Hired A Guy To Vacuum The Street Where She Walked

Looks like Coco’s “diva-ship” is on full display once again!

There is a reason why the term “diva” perfectly rhymes with Coco Austin, the wife of titular rapper Ice-T. Just recently, she was able to reach true “diva-ship” thanks to her bizarre request. And, oh, this is not your typical diva demand thing. This one is over the top!

Apparently, Coco requested that her assistant hoover the pavement right in front of her as she traverses the street. The man can be seen rapidly running from on area to another, making sure that her highness walks a cleaned street. The “pathway rundown” was caught on tap, with Coco carrying her child Chanel.

She even took her time to walk down the street, despite the heavy stares from the onlookers.

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