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Russian Contestant Breaks Her Nose Doing a Split. Ouch!

She became quite famous because of her stunt, but not in the way she probably imagined.

Ann Moises





Talent shows are extremely popular in all parts of the globe. Millions of contestants display their talents in singing and dancing, hoping that the audience will love them. In a few seconds of spotlight designated for their chance at fame, they have to do whatever it takes to get the judges’ approval first.

Yes, whatever it takes.

Ekaterina Kondrashina auditioned for of a talent show called “Dancing”— Russia’s version of So You Think You Can Dance. She did what she could when her moment to shine finally came. The 23-year-old performed her contemporary dance piece with such gusto and did a full split to wow everyone.

But things went south when the dancer landed badly on the stage. She dropped too close to the ground, banged her head, and broke her nose.



Photo credit: YouTube/ Euronews Magazine

“The show must go on,” as they say. Kudos to this woman, she finished the routine like a real professional. After all, she worked hard for two months on the dance and waited for that crucial day.


Kondrashina’s long hair obscured her face from the crowd and the judges, but there was blood on her nose.


The dancer walked off the stage to receive immediate medical attention. She did not even wait for the judges’ opinions.

She was fortunate, though, that she didn’t have to undergo plastic surgery for her nose.

Watch the video:

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H/T: UNILAD, Euronews Magazine


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