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13 Best Marriage Tips You’ll Ever Hear In Your Life





Marriage is committing to someone who understands you and shares every bit of your life. For most married couples, falling in love and getting married was the easy part. However, making things work takes a lot of patience, time and effort.

It’s not always the fancy things like diamonds and flowers that make a marriage, but the small things and simple ways that yield happier results. If you want to live a happy, worry-free and love-filled life with your better half, here are the best marriage tips you’ll ever hear in your life.

Every husband and wife should memorize these!

1. Enjoy spending time with each other.

According to Asian Parent, for your marriage to work, you should enjoy being with each other. One of the best ways is to make sure you make time to be with your loved one, despite having a long day’s work. Try going out on a date every weekend or watch a movie together. Marriage should be fun, enjoyable and worthwhile.

2. Don’t take your partner for granted.

Some marriages fail because of small things that create a dispute between partners. One of the common reasons why people fall out of love is being taken for granted. Do not take your partner for granted and you can do even the simplest gestures – say thank you and appreciate everything he or she does, no matter how small or big.

3. Learn to forgive.

Arguments and misunderstandings are just normal in relationships. One of the hardest things to give your partner is forgiveness, especially when you’re hurting. But no matter how many misunderstandings you have, the most important thing is that you learn from your mistakes and learn to forgive each other.

4. Don’t let money ruin your relationship.

Love can make the world go round but disagreements over money can affect even the best relationships. Often, money can become a huge problem between partners. The handling of finances should be well-planned and it is important to have wise spending habits. Moreover, start talking about money early on – who handles the finances and who’s in charge of the bills.

5. Have a life outside marriage.

As much as your marriage and family are important, spending time with friends is essential, too. Being together 24/7 isn’t healthy for all relationships. You can go out with friends, do your favorite sports or hobbies, and have a little “me” time. Your husband can do what he wants to do, too. Don’t be afraid to continue what you love on your own.

6. Don’t forget to always say “I love you”.

Actions speak louder than words, but in some instances, it’s better to let your partner know how you feel by just saying it to him or her. There might be times that you feel that saying “I love you” is overrated but it’s just enough to let your partner know what you really feel. This gives them an assurance that your feelings are true and sincere.

7. Know when to give and take.

It is important to understand that marriage should be a two-way street. Your love should be reciprocated by your partner. Also, it is a give-and-take relationship. Marriage would not work if only one is always giving everything while the other one just takes them all.

8. Always greet each other “Good morning”.

Starting the day right is essential. Always greet your partner “Good morning” to make your partner feel loved. Also, this stirs up your mood to start the day with a positive attitude.

9. Be with someone who means the world to you and whom you can’t live without.

A famous quote by James Dobson says:

“Don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can’t live without.”

If you want a happy marriage, it is important to choose someone who means the world to you. Marriage is a once in a lifetime chance, so choose the one you truly love.

10. Keep trying.

The longest and strongest marriages work because the couples are trying their best to make the relationship work. Whatever hurdle would come into your relationship, you should do your best to make it work.

11. Keep the love alive.

Many people plan the perfect wedding but do not plan what happens in the marriage after. One of the best ways to make the marriage work is to spend quality time with each other. Put simply, keep the love alive. You can do these through dates, travels, and getaways. It doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive, as long as you spend your time with your husband or wife.

12. Be committed in all that you do.

Commitment is an important part of a married life. You should be committed to everything you do. Don’t do anything half-heartedly.

13. You can make it work if you want to.

All relationships can go through problems and arguments. However, you and your partner can make things work if you want to. If both of you are committed to making the marriage work, it will surely last.

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