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You Look Disgusting! Beauty Blogger Removes Makeup to Reveal The Ugly Truth About Bullying





The kind of society we live in today poses many challenges to women. Everyday, women from all walks of life struggle to deal with image and body confidence issues. While a woman can be judged from wearing too much make-up, she can also receive harsh comments from not wearing any.

This is what drove Em Ford, a YouTube make-up guru and a beauty blogger, to come up with a powerful video that unveils the real-life responses of online commenters after Ford posted photos of herself both with out without make-up.

In the video titled “You Look Digusting”, Ford revealed all the horrible comments she received from people after showing her face without make-up. The beauty blogger, who suffers from adult acne, got nasty comments for showing her bare face. One of the harshest was “You Look Disgusting”.

After giving herself a make-over, Ford earned praises from many people but not for long. Unfortunately, some people even managed to criticize Ford for wearing make-up.

Ford wrote in her blog:

“One challenge many face today is that, as a society, we’re so used to seeing false images of perfection, and comparing ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards that it can be hard to remember the most important thing – You ARE beautiful.”


Photo credit: My Pale Skin

“You are beautiful – no matter how flawed you feel, no matter how upset you may about the way you look or how hard you find it to make friends, or be confident. Believe in yourself, and never let anyone tell you’re not beautiful – not even yourself.”

Watch the powerful video below.

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Source: Mirror UK

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