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Bad Dad Gets Arrested After Forcing Baby to Smoke Cigarette and Posting Picture Online





Generally, fathers have the moral obligation to provide for and protect their family. Along with the mothers, they stand as leaders of the family and role models of their children. So it’s always disappointing – and indeed, disturbing – when we see examples of those doing their jobs really wrong.

Like this father from Madura Island, Indonesia who recently gained viral attention for being such a terrible dad. According to reports, he is now facing a possible jail term for what he did.

One Indonesia father forced his 9-month-old baby boy to smoke and posted the picture on social media.

Source: AsiaWire

A Metro report tells us that Muzammil, 36, “put the cigarette in his son’s mouth then got his wife Ummu Slamah, 18, to take a picture.” He thought the photo was funny and so he shared it on social media.

Naturally, the photo sparked outrage among netizens and it didn’t take long for the police to take action about it. Multiple news sources have also covered the controversial story, highlighting not only responsible parenting but also the dangers of smoking.

Following his arrest, the father is now facing a possible jail sentence of six months.

Source: AsiaWire

Commenting on the issue, Bangkalan Police spokesman Bidarudin shared:

“We have secured the father for putting the cigarette in the infant’s mouth, even if the baby is his own child.

“The child had the lit cigarette in his mouth. The culprit sat the child up, and he also held the child up by the arms because he was worried that (the baby) would get burned by cigarette ash.”

The Metro article further tells us that Muzammil could possibly spend six months in prison under the Child Protection Act. We also learn that while the authorities were aware that A.I., the mother, took the photo, she “did not face arrest”.

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