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Dad Throws The Ultimate Date Night For Wife With An Inflatable Pub In Their Backyard





Parents out there would totally agree that sneaking out for date night is not as easy as it seems, especially when you can’t find any babysitter to look out for the kids.

A dad recently made headlines for throwing the ultimate and most romantic date night for his wife, even without hiring a babysitter. How did he do it?

She wants to go out for a date night…

Source: Ladbible

His wife complained she hasn’t been out for a while, so her husband said they’d go out the next day. He even asked her to prepare and dress for the supposed date night.

No date night?

Source: LADbible

She was all dolled up for their date night, but he didn’t hire a babysitter, leaving her perplexed.

A date night in their backyard.

Source: LADbible

The dad genius created the best date night with his wife, without even the need to hire a babysitter. He decided to take date night in their own backyard – with an inflatable pub.

Look at her reaction…

Source: LADbible
Yup, they have booze.

Source: LADbible

He even had cocktails and a bowl of nuts. Plus, some entertainment. Have you had a party in your own backyard with good old dance music and smoke machine? He had all these covered.

Ladbaby is also behind the funny and viral video of choosing a lunchbox for his son. The dad chose a tool box from a hardware store instead and it’s pure genius.

Though many people said that it would be cheaper for them to go out than rent an inflatable pub, what matters most is the idea of making his wife feel loved and special that he went over the edge just to bring the date night to her.

Here's what others had to say…

She thinks this is so sweet.

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Another user thinks this relationship will last a lifetime.

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