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Baby Desperately Tries To Take A Bite From Mom’s Burrito





The transition to solid foods is a milestone in every baby’s life but a lot of new parents wonder how they’ll know when their baby is ready to start with solids. What are the signs?

For one mom, the sign was pretty clear. Doctors said that her little girl can start eating solid food if she shows some signs that she’s interested in it. Well, the hungry baby firmly proved to her mom that she’s definitely ready for it by desperately trying to take a bite from her burrito.

Meet baby Riva. She’s a growing girl, and it appears that burritos are the only thing that will quench her hunger.

Raina uploaded a video of her eating a burrito while holding the little girl beside her. She then captioned it:

“Her doctor said that I could start thinking about introducing her to solid foods if she started showing any interest. Might this qualify?”

Every time her mom Raina goes to take a bite of the burrito, she does the same thing too. The only thing that stops Riva from successfully taking a bite was her mom’s tight grip.

In another post, Raina wrote:

“Here is a quick video of my 18-week-old … baby trying desperately to eat my burrito. Though she has never yet tasted actual food, she certainly seems to like Mexican.”

As expected, the hilarious video went viral, with over 22 million views on Raina’s original Facebook post. Other popular sites then posted the clip, and one of them has reached over 76 million views!

Some netizens started to call baby Riva “Kirbaby,” after the popular Nintendo character who is known for sucking up enemies to take their powers. Someone even edited the video to add Kirby’s sound every time hungry little Riva opens her mouth.

Watch the video here:

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