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When They Asked this Baby to Kiss His Mom, They Did Not Expect Him to Do THIS!





When infants learn a new thing, parents and relatives can’t help but feel overjoyed. These are called developmental milestones, which pertain to the different tasks that the children can perform at a specific age. In this video, a couple patiently instructs their baby to kiss his mommy.

It took a while for the cute baby to realize what his parents are prompting him to do, but when he did, it was so adorable! When he got the joyful reactions of his parents, he started planting kisses on his mommy’s lips with his mouth wide open!

Watch the cute video here:

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It was the perfect bonding moment for a mother and child, and we are glad that the father was able to capture it all! What do you think of this video? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post with our family and friends, too.

Credits: Notoriouslig via The San Francisco Globe

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