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‘Avocado Anxiety’ Is An Official First-World Problem, According To Survey

It’s just a rank lower than ‘having to get dressed to open the front door.’


Our lives are fraught with anxiety every single day. Modern life has definitely added new things to worry about. Aside from anxiety over our job security, relationships, safety out on the streets, the future of our children, and access to basic needs, we burden ourselves with worrying about the trivial things like, well, whether an avocado is ripe or not.

It has been joked about a lot lately – how millennials are stressing over their precious avocados. But as it turns out, what has been called ‘avocado anxiety’ is a real thing. And there’s a survey to prove it.

A new survey by Goldsmith’s University of London tried to find out millennials’ first-world problems.

Source: Pixabay

The survey aims to compare people’s worries today with those faced by people now aged 50 or over two decades ago. Two thousand people, aged 18 to 70, were polled.

Avocado anxiety ranks 14th on the list of common first-world problems as discovered by the survey.

Source: Pixabay

Researchers found that one in three millennials admitted to feeling a serious sense of worry over whether or not their avocado is under- or over- ripe. Indeed, avocado has become one of the unique stressors of the 21st century. But that’s not all.

Twenty years ago, the number one worry of people was having a happy and healthy relationship.

Source: Pixabay

Today, it is having to wait in all day for a delivery because there isn’t a specific time given during online shopping transactions. Other first-world problems found by the survey include ‘having to get dressed to open the front door’ and ‘having numerous items of clothing on one hanger because you haven’t got enough.’ As shown by the survey, today’s millennials are significantly troubled by these trivial matters.

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The Story Of The North Pond Hermit Who Lived Away From People For 27 Years

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There are times that we get fed up with life and its demands. People work hard to earn money and thrive in the modern world. While that may be the way of life but for others, some prefer a life without hassles, problems, and interaction with others. Escaping the realities of life could be a good idea, at least for a 20-year-old man, who vanished and eventually hid in the woods of Maine for more than two decades.

The story of the "North Pond Hermit" haunted the locals for 27 years. Christopher Knight disappeared into the woods and lived in a tent in an inaccessible forest. He survived by the food he stole from surrounding cabins and campsites. He never had a conversation or interaction with another human being for nearly three decades, not until he was caught red-handed when he broke into a summer camp for the disabled.

Chris Knight left his car and vanished in 1986.

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Comparing the women of the 1900s to the new millennium women, we can indeed notice that girls before dress more modestly than today. This is the era where wearing pants seem to be a sin, but it doesn’t really mean that ladies dress up to seduce men. Why not look at it in a more positive way like being fashionable or dressing more comfortably?

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