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Author Proposes a Simple Question That Shuts Down All Anti-Abortion Arguments

You don’t have to be a pro or anti-abortion just to agree that what he asked made total sense.


Whether you agree or not, abortion is still a topic worth debating in our society. Some believe it’s a must, but others say otherwise. Despite the fact that some argue that “life begins at conception,” it still holds true that our modern scientists and lawmakers have yet to determine the exact beginning of life.

But perhaps the biggest issue that remains is that people, at times, are entitled to tell others what to do with their bodies. Or, at least, they feel that doing so is correct and acceptable when it’s entirely not.

Whenever pro-lifers discuss the horrific aftermath of abortion, the other side can’t help but get involved. And this continues to cycle as each day passes by – there seems to be no end to it. Interestingly, an author by the name of Patrick S. Tomlinson (known for The Ark Trilogy) is raising argument all over Twitter. In just a couple of tweets, he has managed to propose a simple yet thought-provoking question that will leave any pro-lifer scrambling – and they’ve yet to find an acceptable, coherent answer.

Check out his Twitter rampage below and see for yourself.

Tomlinson is a well-known author who recently shattered the longstanding key anti-abortion argument.

In just 9 tweets, he managed to propose a single question that brought a huge following.

As expected, Patrick’s tweets were met with a couple of challenges. And yes, some of them were rebuttals.

Again, abortion is a complex topic. It can’t simply be answered by a yes or no. Nonetheless, one can’t just deny the fact that Patrick raised a very interesting perspective. Whether or not he’s right remains to be seen.

So, what do you think about the author’s proposed question? Share to us what you think in the comments below!


Transgender Woman Stored Her Sperm So She Can Father Her Own Children Someday

“I think it is incredible to know I can still have a baby that is half my DNA.”

For most transgenders, having the body and gender they want is more than enough, the pinnacle of their desires. But for Lea Membrey, this is not the end of it. The 20-year old from Auckland, New Zealand went to a sperm bank three times to store her own (this was done before she transitioned) so that she can father her own child when it becomes possible to have biological children of her own!

Lea started transitioning in July 2015 after feeling "disconnected" from her original male body. She has felt like that ever since she was a boy. She has been bullied and abused during her school years for being gay, a label that she's not really comfortable with.

It was when she met other transgender women that she became serious with transitioning.

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35 Times Mothers-In-Law Proved Themselves to be Witty and Funny

This only tells us that not our mothers-in-law can also be funny as hell.

When it comes to mothers-in-law, we can definitely agree on a lot of things. Some of us love them for their cruel and nasty jokes. However, there are those who think otherwise. In any case, these ladies of our lives are usually stereotyped being intrusive, overwhelming, and – c’mon on – mean.

It can’t be denied, though, that mothers-in-laws all come in different shapes and sizes. They don’t necessarily have to be a pain in the (you know the word). Perhaps they just want to convey what’s best for their loved ones. Besides, they’re human, too. They’re bound to fail at certain times.

But today, we’re going to feature the best and hilarious mothers-in-law from around the world. This list features their wittiness, cleverness, kindness, and naughtiness. So, without further ado, here they are below. Check them out!

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The Story Of The North Pond Hermit Who Lived Away From People For 27 Years

He spent 27 years in the wilderness and his family never reported him missing.

There are times that we get fed up with life and its demands. People work hard to earn money and thrive in the modern world. While that may be the way of life but for others, some prefer a life without hassles, problems, and interaction with others. Escaping the realities of life could be a good idea, at least for a 20-year-old man, who vanished and eventually hid in the woods of Maine for more than two decades.

The story of the "North Pond Hermit" haunted the locals for 27 years. Christopher Knight disappeared into the woods and lived in a tent in an inaccessible forest. He survived by the food he stole from surrounding cabins and campsites. He never had a conversation or interaction with another human being for nearly three decades, not until he was caught red-handed when he broke into a summer camp for the disabled.

Chris Knight left his car and vanished in 1986.

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