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Anonymouse Now Opening Tiny Shops for Mice in Sweden





A group of anonymous artists called Anonymouse are fed up with the lack of shops and establishments for rodents in Sweden. These tiny creatures after all need to have their own places to socialize instead of having to use human restaurants for their afternoon cup of tea.

Here lies a cafe that caters only to mice.

Source: Anonymouse

Anonymouse is an anonymous collective of artists who have been building mice-sized cafes and shops since March. The 70 x 30cm shops are just perfect for our little friends.

They even have nice mouse-friendly meals and the décor of the shops and cafes are also of course, tiny in size. There are posters advertising upcoming concerts, small chairs and all things any mouse will surely love.

The cafe offers mouse-friendly menu that includes cheese and nuts.

Source: Anonymouse

The inspiration for the mice shops started a little over a year ago in Paris.

In an interview with Metro, a group representative said:

“We are obviously fond of miniatures. For us, the main point with the little scenes are to spread a bit of joy.”

Anonymous artists collectively known as Anonymouse have been creating these miniatures for the rodents.

Source: Anonymouse

The group would like us to share in their thought of mice living in a parallel universe with humans. Only in a much smaller setting, of course. Now we can’t help but wonder what a mouse would actually do with it in the process.

Anonymouse continues to create mice shops and cafes as the need arises. It’s not exactly a walk in the park to build these structures as they take time.

Look at that tiny little bike the mouse can ride on.

Source: Anonymouse

So the next time you see a mouse in a resto, you might want to point it towards a café that caters more for their needs. The shops are normally seen at corners and are quite easy to spot.

Some event posters for mice.

Source: Anonymouse

These tiny shops are quite an ingenious way to get creative and at the same time give mice all around a place where they can relax and have a great time because, uhm, they deserve it just like you and me.

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