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Man Finds Out ‘Ghost’ Tidying Up His Shed At Night Turns Out to Be a Mouse





We usually associate mice with being pesky little creatures that steal our food and make a mess along their way. However, one man has found a surprisingly helpful mouse living with him. The pensioner discovered that the tiny rodent has been cleaning up around his garden shed at night.

Stephen McKears is a 72-year-old pensioner from Severn Beach, South Gloucester, UK who noticed things weren’t right in his garden shed. According to the retired electrician, he found plastic clips inside an old ice cream tub that he uses for storing peanuts for birds. As more objects began to accumulate in the container, McKears decided to investigate and was in for a pleasant surprise.

‘I didn’t know what it was at first. The kids were saying it was a ghost. One day I emptied the tub out and spread the contents on the side – and the the next day they were all back in again. I thought I was going mad.’

McKears shows off the plastic container that magically gets filled with items left on the table.

The shed was impeccably cleaned of bolts and screws for several weeks. All the items were always stored neatly in the container. Finally, McKears decided to try and catch his mysterious helper. With the help of a neighbor, he put up a trail camera in the shed and left it overnight.

The camera certainly captured the culprit in action but it wasn’t a ghost or anything paranormal. The footage showed an adorable little mouse diligently picking up the screws and dropping them into the plastic tub.

Watch the awesome video below:

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Rodney Holbrook, who is McKears’ neighbor and the one who set up the camera, was certainly impressed with the mouse’s cleaning skills. He said:

“I’ve been calling him Metal Mickey but some people have been saying he’s just mouse proud. I was quite amazed to see it – it is an amazing mouse.”

‘Metal Mickey’ looks for another bolt to drop into the plastic tub.

McKears revealed that the little mouse worked for several hours before the job was done. He said:

“It was doing it for about two hours that night – he must have had to go for a sleep after it. I’ve seen a mouse moving objects to make a nest but never metal objects. It’s quite amazing.”

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