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Residents In Swedish Town Shocked After Sky Keeps Turning Purple Every Night




  • Residents of Trelleborg, a town in Sweden, have been puzzled about the purple-colored sky they see each night.
  • It was later discovered that the strange phenomena is caused by a tomato farm’s lighting system.

Countless residents of the Trelleborg town in Sweden have looked up at night to see their purple-colored sky. It’s truly an unusual sight that has amazed and baffled the locals for a while – until they eventually found out that it has been caused by a tomato farm located nearby.

The bizarre occurrence has attracted mixed reactions from the public, with some feeling alarmed and with others just appreciating the unique spectacle.. Apparently, it is all because of Alfred Pedersen & So, a tomato farm in Gislov where they are using a new lighting system that gives the sky a purple hue as a result.

Photos of the purple sky immediately circulated on social media and even made it to different news outlets.

In a report by the Daily Mail, we learn that the tomato farm operators “have started using a new energy-saving LED light system which glows purple.

“The glow falling on the plants is said to be good for them and the system itself is supposed to extend the growing season,” the news source continued.

Several residents have complained about the brightness level of the lights and so the farm had to do something about it.

Starting November 6, operators switched the lights off between 5PM and 11PM.

In an official statement issued by the farm, we read:

“As a first step, we have chosen to turn off the entire tomato cultivation in the evenings. Although this will be a step back for us. People were not meant to be angry. We just wanted to save electricity and grow more.”

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