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He Secretly Films His Mom Sunbathing. When He Posts it Online, it’s Amazing!





Mothers will do anything just to be able to provide their children with all their needs and make them happy. It’s their unconditional love that drives them to make sacrifices that are far beyond our imagination. Do you think we can ever repay them for everything that they’ve done for us?

If the children are all grown up and if, for some unfortunate circumstance, the mother is left alone, wouldn’t you want your mother to find someone who would make her happy again? A person who would love and support her? A nice, kind person who will be willing to grow old with her? Alex Norgay wants that for his mom.

Eva, Alex’s mother, is originally from the Czech Republic but is now currently living in Norway. She had been on dates and had also tried online dating; however, she still hasn’t found the right man for her. Alex thought of a brilliant and possibly the sweetest way of helping his mom in her search for love. He secretly filmed his mother while she does all the things she loves and enjoys, her passions and hobbies.  He just lets the world see his mom as he sees her- cool, awesome, beautiful, fun, and magnificent woman who is full of kindness and love.

Alex hopes that through this short film, his mom will meet potential suitors and ultimately, her true love. After all, as Alex said, “Deep inside, we all want the same thing: to love and be loved.”

I think that what Alex did is one of the noblest and selfless acts a son can ever do for his mom. Watch the video and tell us what you think.

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H/T: SFGlobe

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