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He Secretly Films His Mom Sunbathing. When He Posts it Online, it’s Amazing!

He lets the world see how he ‘sees’ his mom… beautiful, fun, and simply awesome.

Ann Moises





Mothers will do anything just to be able to provide their children with all their needs and make them happy. It’s their unconditional love that drives them to make sacrifices that are far beyond our imagination. Do you think we can ever repay them for everything that they’ve done for us?

If the children are all grown up and if, for some unfortunate circumstance, the mother is left alone, wouldn’t you want your mother to find someone who would make her happy again? A person who would love and support her? A nice, kind person who will be willing to grow old with her? Alex Norgay wants that for his mom.

Eva, Alex’s mother, is originally from the Czech Republic but is now currently living in Norway. She had been on dates and had also tried online dating; however, she still hasn’t found the right man for her. Alex thought of a brilliant and possibly the sweetest way of helping his mom in her search for love. He secretly filmed his mother while she does all the things she loves and enjoys, her passions and hobbies.  He just lets the world see his mom as he sees her- cool, awesome, beautiful, fun, and magnificent woman who is full of kindness and love.

Alex hopes that through this short film, his mom will meet potential suitors and ultimately, her true love. After all, as Alex said, “Deep inside, we all want the same thing: to love and be loved.”

I think that what Alex did is one of the noblest and selfless acts a son can ever do for his mom. Watch the video and tell us what you think.

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H/T: SFGlobe

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This French Bulldog Was Stuck Behind A Sofa. Watch How It Escaped On Its Own. Clever!

The adorable way to escape according to a very intelligent French bulldog!

Inah Garcia



French bulldogs are companion dogs first created in England as miniature version of a bulldog. This breed accompanied English lacemakers to France, henceit was called the "French" bulldog. At present, these dogs are mostly found inside homes as family pets and in dog shows, where they are presented as a beholder of such exquisite canine beauty.

Although they seem serious and stiff, these dogs sure knows how to crack us up. In this video we found, Helge, a French bulldog was stuck behind a sofa and could not get out. It then used its butt power as he wiggled his way out of the narrow space. Its fat behind and quirky way of shaking his body all made us laugh in delight. What a cute and intelligent dog!

Watch the video here:

What do you think of this video? Isn't he the cutest? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

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Her Boyfriend Left Her in Empty Restaurant. She Then Got a Call and was Left in Tears!

Love can make us do crazy stuff and bring out our most creative side!

Inah Garcia



Love can make us go crazy and do things we never thought we could. After all, it is about constantly going the extra mile and making extraordinary things look ordinary everyday. Marriage proposals are the perfect opportunities for individuals to go out of their comfort zones and exude their hidden creativity. It is a valid event where one can actually go crazy and not be condemned for it - all in the name of love.

We found this video of a Korean couple who went out for an exclusive dinner in an empty restaurant. Seconds later, the guy stood up and left his girlfriend, Soojung all by herself. A few moments more and Soojung received a call from his boyfriend, who asked to her to look at the glass building outside.

Watch the touching events that happened next:

NOTE: Please turn on CC/Subtitles in the right lower part your media player to enable the subtitles.

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She Was Finally Getting Married and How Her Mother Found Out is Just Hilarious!

A girl tries to show her mom her new engagement ring, but all mom can see are some nicely painted nails!

Bernadette Carillo



Getting engaged is one of the milestones of a woman’s life. As much as a woman wants to own the moment for herself, such momentous occasion deserves a resounding “awe” from immediate family and friends and this mother is no exception.

Whatever it is, no one could ever explain the distinctive navel connection of a mother from her child. However, as Leah, the new bride-to-be, struggles to surprise her mother with the good news, this connection seemed a bit fuzzy.

Initiating the conversation with showing off the colorless nails, Leah’s mom still did not catch the agenda but applauded her daughter’s over-all style instead. When the guy who was recording the footage finally suggest to check her nails, that is only when dear mother here completely lost it and got back to her senses that her daughter is finally getting married. Just plain hilariously contagious!

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