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This 8-Year Old Kid Will Help Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

She hopes to accomplish 600 random acts of kindness.

Sometimes we lose our faith in humanity when we learn about violence, hate crimes, murder, rape, and all the other kinds of evil that are happening in this world. It’s all over the news anyway; we see and hear about it everyday. We live in a world where injustice and oppression occur right under our noses and sadly, there are times when we can’t do or won’t do anything about it.

Then comes a story like this- a real-life story that somehow uplifts our spirits, gives us hope, and restores our faith. This is a story about an 8-year old girl named Alex McKelvy and her family.

When Alex’s grandmother passed away two years ago, Alex and her family thought of a way to honor her life. The family decided to complete 60 random acts of kindness until their grandmother’s birthdate, which was last March 22, 2014.  But when the family accomplished more than 60 kinds acts, Alex was inspired to continue helping others, with the goal of helping 600 people until her grandmother’s birthday this year.

Alex volunteered to be a part of a non-profit organization that offered shelter and food for the homeless, and she also performed many, simple, kind gestures, which would have made her grandmother very proud.

Watch this video:

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H/T: USA Today


Badass Grandma Went Skydiving, Swimming with Sharks on her 100th Birthday!

Way to go Grandma!

Reaching your 100th birthday is an achievement enough. Most people don’t get to live that long. Those who reach their centenarian year are often confined to their houses or retirement homes, being tended by nurses who monitor these seniors’ delicate health.

Well, not THIS centenarian. When I learned about what she did for her 100th birthday, all the “extreme” stuff that I did felt so lame in comparison. Georgina Hardwood celebrated her birthday like no other centenarian can – she went skydiving. Damn, lady!

Watch the video:


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A Special Child Received No RSVPs to His Party… Then This Happened!

How do you make a special child feel extra special on his birthday?


What Odin Camus, a 13-year-old kid with Asperger syndrome, wanted for his birthday was something simple: for his 15 friends to celebrate with him at a bowling alley.

However, after handing out invitations to his friends, no one seemed to be interested to celebrate with him.

His mother, Melissa, didn’t want to let her son down on his special day. So she decided to get help from local moms in Ontorio Canada. Through an event she created on Facebook, Melissa was able to make Odin feel extra special by asking her friends to text him “happy birthday” ....

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This 4-year-old Boy and his 90-year-old BFF Proves True Friendship Has No Age Limit.

This story of a very unlikely best friends surprised a lot of people…


It is a story that surprised a lot of people – for how could a young boy, aged 4, be best friends with a 90-year-old war veteran? Well, the real question here is, “why not”? Who said best friends have to be of the same age?

Emmett Rychner and his parents had been neighbors with war veteran Erling Kindem for some time. The young boy would visit Erling at his home or the old man would hang out with the family for a chat.

As best friends, the two would spend hours chatting or would sometimes play with cars....

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