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This Looks Like a Normal Patio. What’s Hidden Underneath? An Awesome Secret!

Shut up and take my money!

Having a pool in the backyard is really cool. You can take a dip anytime during the warm summer months, or swim a few laps to get that much-needed exercise.

Sure, a normal backyard pool is great, but having a pool like this one is way cooler. True to their name, AGOR Creative Engineering created an ingenious masterpiece. Presenting, the seemingly regular patio that transforms itself into a swimming pool.  Yeah, you might have seen something like this before. But wait ’til you see the amazing feature that this pool boasts.

When the swimming pool is locked, it appears as a normal patio or backyard. But when it’s activated, the floor descends, revealing an awesome pool with adjustable water height. Yep, you read it right. You can control the height of the water. So it’s never going to be a problem if you’ll host a pool party for toddlers or for basketball players. While the engineering and design are truly brilliant, we couldn’t deny the fact that this pool was created with safety in mind.

“The most common concern with an outdoor swimming pool is, above all else, safety,” AGOR states on their website.

“AGOR’s moveable floor systems adhere to stringent safety standards, with the unique ability to lock the floor in its covered position and adjust water height in accordance with children’s height and swimming ability,” they added.

Watch the video and be amazed:

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H/T: Agor Creative Engineering

Home & DIY

This Man’s Home Has An Underground Secret You’ll Be Totally Jealous Of

By far the coolest and grandest basement I have ever seen!



This very unique, modern and exquisite type of underground sanctuary will make you forget the usual, boring, plain and sometimes creepy basements we are used to seeing. We are not talking about some famous commercial attractions though but a residential home owned by Steve Fisher in Singapore.

Fisher’s 5,800 square foot bungalow has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It also boasts a saltwater pool, an open-air floor plan, relaxing greenery and everything you might want for a fun getaway except that you can stay indoors instead.

The best asset of the house is an  underwater entertainment room with a perfect and wide-angle view of the pool as if like a giant aquarium. All of its walls are wrapped in floor-to-ceiling windows which according to Fisher, constitute some of the largest private installations in the world. Cool!

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