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Homeless Man Who Wanted To Be ‘Adventurous,’ Rescued By Firefighters From A Tiny Storm Drain!

He said he was stuck in the very tiny space for three days!

Stories of people and animals getting stuck in a small place or two always get to our hearts. For whatever reason, no law-abiding citizen deserves to be stranded and be rejected of their freedom. But in the case of the story we found, we are not sure if the entrapment incident of a man was self-induced or not. Although this story happened for quite some time now, we think it is still worth sharing as the circumstances under which it happened are quite interesting.

A man, whose name was not identified, was found stuck in a storm drain outside the Centennial Sportsplex in Nashville, TN. After someone heard his yells, firefighters came to the rescue and kept on drilling and sledging for almost an hour to free the man. The mission was so delicate since the man was stuck face down in a very tiny space. The rescue operation was successful but the investigation as to why the man was stuck there in the first place has not found a concrete direction.

When the man, who the police believe is homeless, was asked why and how he got there, he initially said that he wanted to be adventurous but then he changed his statement and instead testified that he was being chased. The man also claimed that he has been in there for three days! Although skepticism is all around the angles of this story, we are still glad that the man was saved — regardless of how and why he was stuck in the first place.

Here is the video report:

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Credits: NewsChannel5 via San Francisco Globe


Famous ‘Love Locks’ Have Been Removed From Pont des Arts Bridge In Paris

Paris breaks the hearts of locals and tourists as the ‘love locks’ have been removed from Pont des Arts bridge in Paris.


Paris, dubbed as the city of romance, is something you can find in everyone's bucket list of must-see places. Dream travel destinations such as the famous Eiffel Tower, the legendary bookstore Shakespeare and Company and of course, who would want to miss the romantic Pont des Arts bridge? Each of these places are absolutely iconic.

Couples from different parts of the world come to visit Pont des Arts and leave padlocks or 'love locks' as a symbol of infinite love. It's actually a tradition which began in 2008. Just recently though, authorities broke the hearts of many locals and tourists as these padlocks have been removed and now banned from the said bridge.

Armed with bolt cutters, city workmen began cutting the love locks open fearing that the sheer weight of the padlocks was putting the 19th century structure - and everyone's safety - great at risk. Reports say that about 700,000 padlocks, with names of couples written on them and the keys tossed into the River Seine, have been there for years....

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A Boy Walking To School Heard And Saw Something Moving In The Bushes. What He Found Is Awful!

The boy calls the one behind the act as “sick”.

Babies are the most precious beings in the world. Whether it be a human or an animal, little newborns are gifts that must be looked at and taken cared off. They come to this world with pure innocence and it is up to their parents or guardians to teach them the basics of living. But while they are still very young and are still incapable of doing anything, someone has to do things for them such as feeding and grooming, in order to survive. Sadly, there are people out there who do not know how to value life. They only care about their personal good so much that they are willing to do the unimaginable just like this story we found online...

Jonathan Flat, a 13-year-old boy, was walking to his school bus stop one day when he noticed something moving in the bushes. He decided to check it out and to his surprise, he found six abandoned puppies wrapped in a garbage bag!

Here is the full story:


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Bus Driver Notices Strange Passenger and Crying Child, Then He Sees The Terrifying Truth!

When he saw the kid crying, he knew he had to do something.

Kidnapping has become a rampant crime nowadays. Reports of children being abducted seem to be a normal feature in the news, and it surely pains parents to hear such stories. We cannot fight off criminals easily once they've done the deed, but we can surely prevent these things from happening. When faced with such situations, it is very important to stay alert and focused on what can be done, and this is exactly what a bus driver did in the story below.

Tim Watson is a bus driver working for the Valley Transportation Authority in northern California. While he was on the job, he saw a news alert from authorities announcing that a kidnapper is on the loose and that he is with his 3-year-old victim at that time. The victim's clothing were described quite vividly in the news alert that Watson immediately noticed a passenger who looks like the one being described. He also noticed that the boy was teary-eyed and so he discretely informed the police, making sure that the kidnapper does not notice attempt of rescue. When the bus reached Fremont BART station, police authorities were present and that's when the rescue operation was performed. The suspect identified as Alfonso David Eddington, 23, was arrested.

Watch the video here:

The bus driver is a clever hero indeed! Let this news be a reminder for all parents and guardians to always safeguard kids and keep an eye on them....

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