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Adorable Baby Has EPIC Reaction To Dad’s New Haircut

“That baby put his hand on his head like ‘ohh lawd have mercy!!!!!'”

One father received an epic reaction to his new haircut from the most unexpected critic: his own baby boy. The infant’s criticism of his father’s new haircut has since gone viral for all the right reasons.

Greg Harris Jr. probably had a feeling that his son Mason Carter Harris wasn’t going to be a big fan of his new look. The young father decided to record the baby’s reaction when he finally revealed to Mason that he got a haircut. However, little Mason’s reaction was even more awesome than anyone expected.

Watch the viral video below:

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Little Mason clearly didn’t approve. He first looks up at Greg in shock then begins to pout and turns away crying. But before that, the child put his tiny hand up to his head as if he is completely disappointed with his father’s decision to get a haircut.

This might be the cutest little facepalm in history. Mason even keeps looking back at Greg as though he can’t believe what he is seeing and keeps putting his hand to his head. As one comment puts it, the baby “keeps looking back to check if the nightmare is real.”

Although Mason eventually calms down and grudgingly accepts Greg’s new haircut, the adorable baby has since gone viral and his tiny facepalm has somehow turned into a meme.

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Although Mason’s reaction to his dad’s haircut is truly epic, it is important to point out that babies can react strongly when their parent gets a new look like shaving off their beard or cutting their hair. It is always best to let the baby adjust to your new look and reassure them you are still the same parent they knew and loved.

Here’s Baby Mason now that he has adjusted to his dad’s haircut.

You can follow the adorable baby Mason on Instagram @babymasoncarter or his dad Greg @yay57.


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