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Dad Goes Viral For Angry Rant About People Who Judge Parents of Autistic Children

“Just some advice for those with no experience of autism,“ he wrote.

As if having an autistic child is not hard enough, the sad reality that parents have to face every single day is that there will always be people who will try to judge them. It’s a sad, disturbing behavior that definitely needs to go away and fortunately, one man took a stand and openly expressed his disgust about it.

British dad Adam Poole shared a photo on social media, showing a mother cradling her child in public. He also wrote a few words, slamming harsh people who are clearly out of the line. Eventually, the short yet inspiring post went viral, gaining thousands of likes and shares from netizens everywhere.

Adam Poole has “some advice” for those who criticize parents of autistic children.

He wrote on Facebook:

“Just some advice for those with no experience of autism.

“When you see a child having what appears to be a meltdown in public, just walk past and keep your mouth shut.

“Don’t shake your head, don’t stare, just get on with your day. Your sh*tty look on your sh*tty face doesn’t help anyone.”

To end his post, Poole also wrote “Best mum I know.”

The short post quickly went viral, attracting a lot of comments from people who related and agreed with Poole’s point.

One mother commented:

“Thank God someone said it … The amount of times people have stared or even muttered that I should give my son a smack is ridiculous! There needs to be more awareness but unless everyone had first hand experience they don’t understand and won’t teach their children to understand.”

Another added:

“Ladies. I see this sh*t all the time. Rather than shake your head and comment something negative, how about you walk up to the woman and ask her if she’s ok and needs any help? Why not offer support instead of negativity? Women should empower each other.”


Elderly Couple Married For 46 Years D**s 10 Days Apart

Till death do us part indeed!

The wedding vow that goes “till death do us part” could not not be any truer in the case of this elderly couple. After all, both had earlier agreed that one of them should be allowed to die naturally in the event that either of them died ahead of the other.

Arnold Hardy, 89 years-old, did not get the chance to say proper goodbye to his wife, 92-year-old Amy, before he died. After all, the latter was not aware that the former was battling cancer in his kidneys and liver. The disease eventually metastasized to his brain.

Amy Hardy did not know that her husband Arnold had passed away.

Source: SWNS

With Amy’s communication skills already declining after she suffered a heart attack and stroke four years ago, and having been hospitalized last Christmas due to breathing problems, hiding the truth from her seemed to be a necessary evil. ...

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A Heartbreaking Photoshoot Of A Fallen Soldier’s Baby And His “Army Brothers”

What a way to honor his memory. Tissues, please!


They always say that no matter how dark one’s life becomes, there will still be a rainbow after everyone’s rain. If you believe that everything happens for a reason, seeing something beautiful after a disaster is possible.

On October 2016, couple Britt and Chris got married and were happily starting the early stage of their family life. With a seemingly bright future ahead, the two were optimistic about the life they will be able to create together.

Unfortunately, a disaster struck in August 2017.

Source: Britt Harris
The U.S. Army soldier Chris died during an encounter from a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.


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These Life-Changing Shoes Can Fit from Childhood All the Way to Adulthood

And they’re improving the lives of many children around the world!

In poor communities, having proper footwear is not a priority for the people. Nevertheless, footwear is helpful in protecting them, especially the children, from diseases they might catch or discomforts they might experience while barefoot outdoors. This is why an invention called The Shoe That Grows is able to change the lives of many children in impoverished areas around the world.

The Shoe That Grows is a low-cost, high-lifetime shoe. It can last up to five years and expands up to five sizes, so the owner can use it for a long time. This is ideal for underprivileged children who are normally seen with either no footwear or with shoes that do not properly fit them.

Kenton Lee of the non-profit organization Because International had the idea to create the revolutionary shoes during a visit to Kenya in 2007.

He saw a little girl in a white dress next to him with shoes that barely fit her feet. He was inspired to create The Shoe That Grows to help other underprivileged children around the world. The organization's philosophy is "making things better by making better things," which is evident in their footwear design....

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