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Abused Dog Petted For The First Time Fears for His Life





All animals should be treated well; they should be loved and cared for like a human being. Dogs or any other animals have feelings too, they give joy and help in our everyday lives as well.

There are reports of animal abuse in some places. Let’s help by supporting campaigns about ending animal cruelty and spreading animal awareness.

Below is a video of a battered dog. A dog was severely abused and traumatized because it was continuously harmed in the past.

Good thing, he was saved and placed in an organization that cares for animals. The dog began barking loudly as if it was crying, asking for help. You can see in the video how terribly scared the dog was even if he is already in a harmless place.

Last November 11, 2015; Monica Mitreanu a caring woman, reassured and made the dog feel that he is safe. She touched the dog gently, hugged and took care of him so he will be comforted.

You will see in the video that the dog was intensely panicking at first, then slowly relaxing as Monica Mitreanu tries to give the dog a signal that she is present to care and not to hurt him.

The poor dog was fearing for his life and found happiness again when he felt that he is away from danger.

This happened at Breasta Animal Shelter in Craiova, Romania. They are the ones handling the animals that were harmed and abused. Through Monica’s gentle touch, care and love the dog slowly learned to hope and believe that not all humans are capable of hurting.

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