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Kid Gets Surprise After No One Shows Up To His ‘Stranger Things’ Birthday Party

Why would you even think of not going to such badass birthday party?


Just like any other kid, Aaron Alambat wanted his birthday to be celebrated with a bang. He decided to put a theme built around Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things.” Sadly, no one showed up.

His themed party had a Demogorgon blood punch, a kickass cake, and decorations based on the show. Although the motif created the perfect atmosphere, not a single one of his classmates showed up. Everyone, despite receiving invitations, just decided to give Aaron’s party a miss.

It’s a pretty upsetting experience to have no one show up to your Stranger Things-themed party.

Source: Wikipedia

Aaron’s sister, Ayen, was even angry with the situation. She said, via Twitter, that her brother invited at least 8 of his classmates but none of them ever showed up.

Ayen’s tweet quickly went viral, with people from across the globe sympathizing with Aaron. They offered support and told him that they would have loved to join the “Stranger Things” theme party. Interestingly, the tweet caught the attention of some of the show’s cast.

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the role of Eleven, herself tweeted:

What!!!! Oh Well You can let them all know that everyone on behalf on Stranger things would’ve come! I think you’re awesome and next year I would like an invite… Please.

Fellow star Gaten Matarazzo also joined in, offering to give Aaron a cake for his birthday bash next year. Ayen later shared images of her brother smiling. Well, it turns out he actually had an amazing birthday. And definitely, those kids who did not show up regretted it.

Scroll down below to see how things unfolded.

Aaron thought of the show as a theme for his birthday party.

Source: Ayen Alamba

They had everything set up, such as this cake.

Source: Ayen Alamba
Even a jar of Demogorgon Blood was there.

Source: Ayen Alamba
And this one, too.

Source: Ayen Alamba
The internet could not help but feel sorry for the kid.

They showered support and words of encouragement.

After Ayen’s tweet went viral, she decided to thank everyone for their support.

Surprisingly, Mille Bobby Brown noticed the tweet and responded.

Ayen could not believe what just happened.

Eventually, Gaten Matarazzo joined the thread.

The internet celebrated…

And, at the end of the day, Aaron had a great smile on his face.

Source: Ayen Alamba

Looks like you still had an epic birthday party, Aaron! Have a good one, buddy!


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