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10 Small Towns Scarier Than Hawkins In Stranger Things

Apparently, the United States is peppered with strange towns.






You probably finished watching the second season of “Stranger Things” – a Netflix masterpiece. It features a regular town in Indiana where extraordinary things happened.

While Hawkins is a fictional town created by the Duffer Brothers, they are probably inspired by some place in the United States. Below are the 10 real small towns that could be more sinister than Hawkins in the TV show.

1. Centralia, Pennsylvania

In 1962, local firefighters thought that they extinguished a fire in a landfill but it has extended in a coal mine. Thus, the town is sitting over a hell of fire. There is enough coal to keep the fire burning for 250 years.

2. Colma, California

The town has 1.5 million corpses buried compared to its less than 1,700 living residents.

3. Clintonville, Wisconsin

In 2012, residents have reported several earthquake-like tremors in their town. The local government did not offer any explanation.

4. Mount Dora, Florida

This little lake town has numerous UFO sightings than any place and some residents confessed they have recurring dreams of alien abduction.

5. Lily Dale, New York

Lily Dale attracts a huge number spiritualists, mediums, shamans, and psychics. The town also offers classes where one can study paranormal arts.

6. Warren County, New Jersey

This town is the home to Shades of Death Road that have witnessed numerous deaths. It is believed that the ghosts of the victim haunt the road.

7. Adams, Tennessee

The place is the location of Bell Witch that haunted local farmer John Bell after he built his farm on the witch’s burial ground.

8. Athens, Ohio

The town of Athens is where a lunatic asylum is situated that was well-known for lobotomy practices until its closure in 1972.

9. Honey Island, Louisiana

The town is home to Honey Island Swamp Monster, which has a bizarre origin. It is believed that in 1963, a traveling circus train crashed and a chimpanzee escaped and bred with alligators in Honey Island Swamp.

10. Galveston, Texas

A town believed to be teeming with demonic spirits and tortured souls.

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Donna Marie Padua



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Getting to the country though is not at all that easy. Japan is a quite expensive country to visit. The visa fee, the plane tickets, hotel accommodations, transfers, food and tours can cost a hefty amount of money. Whether you already collected a travel budget or is still starting to save up your pocket money, here’s a look at just 20 things you will surely appreciate about the land of the great Samurais.

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