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Men and Women Pay Tribute to Their Single Moms on Father’s Day





I can think of several positive adjectives that can help describe what fathers are and how important they are to a family. As the “head of the family”, fathers lead, protect, and provide all the needs of his wife and children.

However, that may not always be the case. For various reasons, a family may lack that one valuable member. And oftentimes, the mother has to step up and play both roles for the sake of her children.

This Father’s day, we celebrate the nobility, hard work, and perseverance of our dads who would go up to the moon and back just to provide a better life for us. But, we would also celebrate the selflessness, strength, and sacrifices of all the single moms out there who try or have also tried to be the best father to her kids.

In this emotional video, men and women raised by single moms sincerely expressed their love and gratitude through their heartfelt testimonies.

By the way, you might want to grab a tissue first!

Watch the video here:

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H/T: GodFruits, Angel Soft

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