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A Dog Driving His Owner Around On A Motorcycle Has Taken the Internet By Storm





Animals who are shown doing things that normally only humans could do are guaranteed to have everyone applauding. In fact, when you do a search on Google using the phrase, “animals doing human things” or “animals who forgot they were animals,” you get a lot of amazing results. It seems there are so many human tasks that animals can pull off if they get the proper training like, for instance, riding a motorcycle.

In 2013, two golden retrievers named Ace and Armani gained fame when they were shown riding a motorcycle with their owner, Handoko Njotokusumo, through the streets of Surabaya in eastern Java, Indonesia. In an interview, Handoko had explained, “Armani is the one who can only sit on the back but Ace can sit on both the front and the back.”

This dog is one cool rider.

This dog is one cool rider.

Then again, this story is not about Ace and Armani, it’s actually about another golden retriever who appears to have gone one step further in terms of riding a motorcycle.

A YouTube video, which is one minute and 29 seconds long, uploaded by Augustus Entertainment on March 13, 2016, a golden retriever is shown riding a motorcycle. However, in this case, the man whom we presume to be his owner is riding on the back of the motorcycle.

The golden retriever, who is wearing goggles, is in the front position. He has his paws on the motorcycle’s handlebars. His owner, who isn’t even wearing a helmet, doesn’t seem the least bit bothered that the dog is in control of the motorcycle.

He’s unbelievably great!

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The dog-controlled ride is caught on video by someone who is traveling alongside the motorcycle. The only complaint we have about the video is that it doesn’t give us more details about the dog and his owner. The video caption only indicates that it was taken in Manado, Indonesia.

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