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A 93-Year-Old Man Chose To Live Alone In A Cabin Deep In The Woods. His Reason? I’m Awed!





To each his own – this was what 93-year-old Jack English had said when asked why he chose to live in a cabin deep in the forest. He had always wanted a simple life away from the city. However, he and his late wife had responsibilities to their families, so they had to live in the city during their marriage. Before he lost his wife to ovarian cancer in 2001, his wife told him that he can go ahead and live where he have always dreamed of. And so he set foot deep down into the forest and lived in a cabin on his own since then.

The place is very memorable to Jack because he used to go there when he was 11 years old – nature tripping and doing all sorts of activities. And while some people would want to move forward, he chose to do the opposite. “I want to go back,” he said.

He now makes violin parts for a living and spends each day as unruffled as possible. This 93-year-old man still has the energy and the power to live alone – chopping woods and making ends meet on his own. He is such as inspiration!

Watch his story below:

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Credits: ElaineThePain

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