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7 Tips On What To Do When You And Your Ex Are Both Invited To A Wedding





Breaking up with someone is indeed hard and sometimes traumatic. The last thing that you want to happen is to see your ex or be in the same place as him/her.

Unfortunately, you cannot control every situation, and there will be times that you have no choice but to deal with your ex on special occasions. Here are seven tips for attending a wedding if your ex will also be there.

1. Find out early if your ex is sure to go.

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Just because your ex is invited, doesn’t mean that they’re going to drop everything just to be at the wedding. What if your ex is out of town and there’s no way that they could make it in time? So before worrying about bumping into him/her at the wedding, try to find out from friends if your ex is going. If not, then there’s no need to panic.

2. Be prepare about possible scenarios.

But what if your ex confirmed that he/she is going? Then this is the time that you can start thinking about the possible things that could happen. It’s better to be ready than to look like a deer in headlights when you see your ex there.

3. Dress appropriately.

They said: the best revenge is to look good. That’s absolutely true. However, don’t make it look like you’re trying too hard. Wearing something suitable for the occasion is the best choice. Add a smile and confidence; then you’re good to go.

4. Remind yourself why you’re at the event in the first place.

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You were invited to take part in someone else’s special moment, so make it their moment. Sure, you’re bothered that your ex is there, but the couple invited him/her for a reason, just like you.

5. Stay aware of the situation.

Source: FOX

Colorado-based counselor Jan Scott-Frazier said:

“I suggest being mindful of where and when you are. If necessary, focus on your breathing. Whatever may still be unresolved, the past is the past, and this is right now this minute. Perhaps thinking of the wedding itself as neutral ground would be good.”

6. Don’t get drunk.

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You don’t want to look desperate in front of your ex, do you? So enjoy the wedding, sip some champagne, dance the night away, but never ever drink excesssively.

7. You’re the only one who can control your actions.

Source: The CW

Scott-Frazier said:

“Whatever they may have done and said in the past, this is right now, and you have choices.”

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