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7 Smart Ideas To Lessen The Time Spent On Washing Dishes





For most of us washing the dishes is a never-ending awful household chore. As long as we eat and cook, we are going to spend time cleaning the dishes. We salute people who cheerfully do and consider this as a small chore.

To make it less miserable and reduce the time spent on washing the dishes, we are going to share a list of smart ideas. People who hate washing dishes will find these helpful.

#1. Cut all meats and ingredients using the same cutting board.

Source: Pixabay

The trick here is you start from the least untidy ingredient and continue the step to the messiest. As an illustration, you can work from veggies that leave less residue and make sure to cut the wet vegetables and meat at the end of the process.

#2. Weigh baking ingredients using a food scale.

Source: Pixabay

To save you from using several measuring cups and spoons, use a digital scale and weigh ingredients with the bowl without needing to pick up measuring utensils.

#3. Use parchment papers when baking.

Source: Pixabay

Cleaning pan would be much easier when you use parchment papers. It will leave no residue on your baking pans thus less time scrubbing it.

#4. Prepare single-pot meals.

Source: Pixabay

Cook meals with fewer dishes as possible. Chop ingredients and put directly in the cooking pot. Serve the food on the same cooking pot rather than using another bowl.

#5. Invest in a self-cleaning blender.

Source: Pixabay

Cleaning would be a breeze time for this type of blender. It only takes a few seconds by running it with hot soapy water. Additionally, you can buy an immersion blender, which works and blends on its own pot.

#6. Place leftover foods in containers that can be heated directly.

Source: Pixabay

The key to this idea is to refrigerate food on the container which allows you to heat the food directly into the same vessel the following day.

#7. Don’t wash if you don’t need to.

Source: Pixabay

This process works well with the cast iron frying pan. For instance, after frying food, cleanse the pan with hot water then wipe with the towel and you can reuse the pan for cooking another meal.

Next time your kitchen is piled up with dirty dishes stay cool and don’t fret on this time-consuming chore. Master these smart ideas to finish dishwashing duty swiftly and efficiently.

Do you have any other ideas, tips, and tricks to add on how you will lessen the time spent on washing the dishes? Share with us through the comment box below.

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