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6 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dogs





Coconut oil has long been popularly used for its variety of applications. Aside from culinary purposes, holistic experts swear it is a great health supplement. In humans, coconut oil has been thought to boost the immune system, help with weight loss and have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. But is coconut oil good for dogs?

According to many holistic and naturopathic veterinarians, coconut oil is beneficial for dogs. It can help relieve many canine health conditions.

Coconut oil comes from meats of coconuts from coconut palm.

Coconut oil consists of at least 90% saturated fats, most of which are Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

MCTs are considered good fats that have several health benefits.

Coconut oil also contains 64% of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs).

Most of the health benefits of coconut oil comes from MCFAs, particularly lauric acid, which possesses antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. The body efficiently metabolizes MCFA so it can have a source of energy and fuel.

In dogs, MCFAs provides thyroid balance, helping overweight dogs lose extra pounds and providing sedentary dogs more energy. Below are six ways how coconut oil helps your dog’s health.

#1. Provides healthy skin.

Coconut oil helps clear up canine skin conditions like contact dermatitis, eczema, itchy skin and flea allergies. It improves overall skin health by reducing allergic reactions. Coconut oil also helps your pooch’s skin become sleek and shiny and free from doggy odor.

Coconut oil for dogs also helps prevent and treat fungal and yeast infections, disinfect cuts and promote faster wound healing.

#2. Improves digestion

Let your dog have a healthier digestive system, which will then improve his overall well-being. Coconut oil improves digestion and nutrient absorption, expels parasites, treats disorders like colitis and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Not only that, it eliminates or reduces bad breath in doggies.

#3. Immune system booster

As mentioned, coconut oil is great as an immune system booster since it contains powerful agents that work to fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. Coconut oil may also reduce cancer.

#4. Promotes healthier endocrine/metabolic system

Coconut oil provides balance in your canine’s body. Since it regulates and balances insulin, it can help control or prevent diabetes. It promotes normal function of the thyroid glands, increases energy, and reduces weight.

#5. Helps build strong bones

Giving your dogs coconut oil can also help improve their musculoskeletal system by building strong bones. In dogs suffering arthritis, the oil helps ease inflammation and reduce the pain and discomfort that comes with the disease.

#6. Promotes brain function and health of the eyes, ears and mouth.

Coconut oil helps promote brain function and nerve health, which can subsequently help prevent dementia. It can also be given topically as eye or ear drops to help clear up infections in the area. It also serves as a great oral cleanser that improves the health of canine mouth and teeth.

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