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Awesome Kitchen Items You Can Use For A Natural Skin Care Routine

Your new favorite beauty product could be hiding in your pantry!


There are thousands of beauty products manufactured every day. However, the best skin care product for you might already be hiding in your kitchen pantry. Some of these items can be good for your tummy as well as your skin.

Women regularly spend thousands of dollars on beauty products that are tested on animals and processed with chemicals. Luckily, you can use items in your own kitchen so you can save more cash and still have an effective skin-care routine. Swap out those expensive creams and serums for these awesome beauty hacks.

Collect Coffee Grounds For An Energizing Body Scrub

We already know that coffee can give you an instant perk every morning. But don’t throw out the coffee grounds just yet. You can still use it as a body scrub to slough off dead skin. In addition to that, caffeine can reportedly lessen the appearance of stretch marks. Mix it up with coconut oil to create a wonderful body scrub.

Swap Out Your Makeup Remover With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is probably the best item both for food and beauty. You can slather it all over yourself as it makes a great moisturizer. It’s also really effective at gently removing makeup without leaving your skin dry.

Soothe Irritated Skin With Greek Yogurt

The lactic acid in Greek yogurt makes it an excellent exfoliant that reduces wrinkles and fine lines. It can also soothe sunburn and is an awesome natural face mask.

Create An Avocado Face Mask To Nourish Dry Skin

Avocados aren’t just good for healthy snacking. Combine avocado with honey and rolled oats to make a moisturizing face mask.

Combat Redness With Turmeric

Turmeric works as a great anti-inflammatory that you can mix into tea and other drinks. Not surprisingly, it has the same effect when applied directly to the skin. Mix the spice with raw honey for a soothing face mask.

Reduce Dark Spots With Raw Honey

A lot of people already swear by raw honey not only for kitchen but for their skin-care regimen. Besides, honey can help lighten dark spots and hydration. Mix it up with lemon juice for an awesome mask.

Fresh Cucumbers Will Lessen Puffiness

You’ve seen it in the movies but this one actually works. Cucumbers can decrease water retention so place some slices over your eyes and wake up with brighter eyes.

Brighten Skin With Matcha

It’s not just good for your tea or cakes. Matcha works as an anti-inflammatory that can energize and brighten your skin.

Fight Dry Skin With Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are great for lessening irritation caused by eczema and psoriasis. Grind it into a fine powder and mix with yogurt for a soothing mask.

Make A Sweet Lip Scrub With Brown Sugar

There’s a good reason why there are brown sugar lip scrubs out there. Granular sugar has the perfect consistency to effectively remove dry skin. Combine brown sugar with coconut oil or olive oil to create a paste then gently scrub onto lips. The oil will keep your lips moisturized. It’s the perfect addition to your natural skin care routine.

Home & DIY

Artist Turns Adorable Pet Dogs Into Cute Crocheted Versions Of Them

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Holland owns a shop called The Faded Wildflower and one of her creations became a hit to all dog lovers, especially to those who had to be away from their beloved pooches. Dog owners can now take their beloved dogs with them wherever they go.

Rachel made these two pooches adorable mini-mes and they look really happy having their "twins" around.

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Gardening these days has been a healthy hobby for people from different walks of life. However, not everyone can do gardening as they please, especially those who live in small apartments or condominiums.

Luckily, this Japanese organization holds an annual gardening contest that gives those who love gardening a chance to showcase their creativity. Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors holds the annual Kei Truck Garden Contest which is participated by different landscapers across the country.

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Home & DIY

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Do-It-Yourself projects are always fun, especially if you are the artsy-fartsy type. Of course, DIYs are more expressive and although they can sometimes cost you money, the results are always worth the time and effort.

Case in point, someone recently made a desktop fantasy waterfall or a fountain and the result is pretty amazing. The first few steps are a little tricky but if you have the patience and skill, it's definitely worth it.

Martina, who uploads videos via Nerdforge on YouTube, used a transparent PLA filament to print crystals in 3D

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