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Women on Instagram Are Ditching Hair Dyeing – And They Look Amazing!




  • More women are ditching hair dyeing this year.
  • Because of the outbreak, the gray hair style advocated by Grombre seem to have picked up.
  • Several women from the Grombre shared their photos online and they look fabulous.

While obviously inevitable, the thought of going gray have freaked some people out, particularly for women who want to stay young-looking. The solution for them, of course, is to use dye to change their hair color.

These days, however, dyeing and tinting are more difficult for some because of restrictions implemented due to the global outbreak. This is not a problem for women who follow the Grombre lifestyle since they are advocating naturally-undyed hair. For them, gray is beautiful – and they have the pictures to prove it!

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“All about my own natural balance. In the mirror, I started feeling doubt of my coloured hair. My face was naturally ageing but my hair was clinging to some artificial youth. However I repeated retouching roots. I knew I wanted to stop colouring sooner or later, but one reason stopped me to change the course. I was scared to look older. Last Spring I saw someone close to me taken up to the sky before reaching the age of 50. Instantly my perspectives had shifted, I am not afraid of ageing. Suddenly the reasons to repeat colouring my hair disappeared. It’s clearly to see two choices in the hair salon ‘repeat or evolve’. I chose to evolve. Now one year has gone, I have started loving my natural self. One simple act that stopped me fighting nature, stop altering myself made me to embrace my age. Before this transition, I was thinking my appearance was fading but now I feel it is softening that makes my natural hair with silver sparkles become well balanced. In the mirror, I see honesty. I am on the way to a better version of myself. This year I become the age that my mother was forever. My mindset is better placed to stepping into this special phase in my life and beyond. My grombre journey is all about well-being, helping me develop a positive attitude towards natural ageing deep inside and sparkling grey hair encourages me to increase my confidence. This grombre journey has become a doorway to my evolution inside and out.” @greyflowsgraceful #grombre #gogrombre #grombabe

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With Grombre women believing that there are more important things in life than subverting societal beauty standards, the rest of us can find liberation and empowerment to live simply and beautifully.

That silver hair can be modern, casual, and stylish with the right cut, is something you will see by looking at these women who looked so good after embracing their grays:

#1: Embracing the aging process by going gray.
#2: The unicorn hair.
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“I can remember being in 7th grade during a school “break” in the courtyard and my best friend grasping at the top of my head and exclaiming, “You have a gray hair!” She affectionately termed this my unicorn hair, and we watched as the year went on and more and more unicorn hair appeared on my head. By the time I was 16, I had more unicorn hair than I could pull out or hide by changing my part, and I began coloring it on a monthly basis. This continued for six years until some time in 2015 when I began thinking, what if I just let it go, quit spending so much money and time on covering my gray, and just LET IT GO. Honestly, I was pretty hesitant, but one evening when my boyfriend and his sweet family heard I was contemplating going gray, they encouraged me whole heartedly, giving me that boost of confidence I was lacking. Now, I wish I had never even began dying my hair in the first place! Here I am today, at 27 years old, and I’ve sported a full head of gray hair for going on four years! The growing out stage was awkward of course. I even interviewed at my current firm with half gray, half brown hair thinking, “Please don’t let them think I’m crazy.” I can’t count how many people stop me on a DAILY basis to talk about my hair – it is the ultimate icebreaker. I’ve turned so many strangers into friends – young/old, male/female…, you name it. My heart feels so full when someone tells me I’ve inspired them to embrace their natural beauty as well – whatever it may be! So, what I’d like to say to you is, don’t hide your natural beauty, whatever it may be – embrace it! You’ll soon thank yourself.” @marina.l.defoor #grombre #gogrombre

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#3: The striking highlights of a gray-haired goddess.
#4: Going gray is natural and beautiful.
#5: Suck it! Gray is a color, not a definition.
#6: Double-braid looks beautiful in gray.
#7: The gray confidence.
#8: Look younger with the superpower of gray.
#9: Ditch hair dye for amazing results.
#10: Mock the system created by someone unknown by ditching hair dyes.
#11: Not old enough to go all gray.
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“During the time between Feb-July, my roots were long and I started to really dislike my hair. It affected my self worth, and my self esteem. My hair made me feel so ugly, because I thought it was ugly. The day of my hair appt., I was sick to my stomach, and wanted to cancel. I was really struggling with the idea of “I don’t feel like I’m old enough for all this grey hair” and I haven’t had hair this long in forever. (It was down to my waist) Soon as I walked into the salon I asked the hairdresser where the bathroom was in case I got sick. You should also know that I was on the verge of tears all day too! This was a HUGE change. I sit in the chair and my hairdresser asks what we were doing, and what my ideas were. I showed him some pictures of women with short hair and all were grey. I think he was stunned for a moment and then said ‘Oh my gosh let’s do this! You will rock this short hair!’ As soon as he made the first cut, it was almost a divine feeling that instantly came over me. When all was said and done I instantly felt better about myself and fell in LOVE with my hair again. Except this time, it was all grey and not just my roots. I have struggled with my self esteem and self worth for so long, and what an amazing, and FREE feeling it was to NOT have the stress of coloring my hair ever again! I got 22 inches of hair cut off that day, and I’ll never look back. I have had SO MANY people comment ‘you look so much younger now’, and they had no clue, the struggle I was dealing with in not feeling like I was old enough to have all this grey!” @his_queen5773 #grombre #gogrombre

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#12: Inherited gray beauty.
#13: Au naturale for a hair stylist who ditched hair dyeing.
#14: Relentless hair dyeing is not a path worth taking.
#15: Beat the dreaded line of demarkation caused by ditching hair dyes.
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“Two years ago I wrote an article about how to grow out grey hair for @allure . I made it to 3 months of growth and then I cracked and went back to coloring it my ‘natural’ dark brown color to cover the grey again for the next year and a half. Then, this past October, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer at the age of 43. When my hair started falling out I got a pixie cut, and when it *really* started falling out 2 weeks later, I got my head shaved. I underwent about 6 months of treatment that included 9 weeks of weekly chemo, major surgery (hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and appendix removed) and recovery, and then 9 more weeks of weekly chemo. I actually didn't mind being bald, and I liked my hair when it grew in as its natural color. At some point during my treatment I had a nightmare that my hair was long and dark again and I thought, ‘Why did I do that? I like my short grey hair!’ I finished my treatment in April and am now cancer-free. I plan to keep my hair its natural grey as I don't want to unnecessarily expose myself to toxins every 4-6 weeks to keep covering the grey, or feel self-conscious about my roots as they grow in like I used to when I colored it. One of the hardest parts about transitioning to grey hair is that dreaded line of demarkation as the grey grows out. I found out the hard way that the best method for avoiding that is to just shave your head 😉” @jennifergaram #grombre #gogrombre

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#16: Beautiful painting of nature.
#17: The proud, rebellious, inner force of gray.
#18: Waiting for the silver sisters.
#19: The voice of style calls for gray.
#20: Ditching hair dye means embracing the wildness, the sass, and all that we are truly meant to be.
#21: Ditching hair dyeing for that fab Friday look.
#22: The gray heavenly highlights from God.
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“I was destined to gray at a young age and I couldn’t wait. And when it made its debut while I was in high school, it arrived in the most unique way. A grey spot at the front center of my head. Not a gray strand anywhere else on my head. I loved it! Only two people in my family prior to me had grayed in this way, my maternal relatives, my grandfather and my uncle. It was something that the three of us shared for the longest time. I had inherited this gene. I wore it like a crown. I was proud to represent the third generation of Jones’, my mother’s maiden name. To me it was a badge of honor, it was natural and it was beautiful. Hiding it was not an option. Growing up I was told that having gray hair was a sign of wisdom. Always believing that I was an old soul, I embraced this notion and my hair even more. Today many men and women applaud me for ‘being brave enough’ to embrace my gray. Bravery had nothing to do with it. My signature look connects me to my family. I get compliments on my hair from both men and women. Women will compliment and add, ‘My hair looks just like yours; but I can’t bring myself to wear it that way.’ What I’ve recently noticed is that many more women are wearing it this way. Even women who aren’t naturally gray. Gray hair is currently trending as “sexy”. Many non-gray young women are dying their hair gray in the name of fashion. I’ve even been asked if I dyed my hair to look like it does. With a smile I proudly respond, ‘No.’ I then add that my gray hairs are ‘Heavenly highlights compliments of God.’ 😊” -Yolande’ Evans #grombre #gogrombre

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#23: The right amount of gray for that awesome, flowing mane.
#24: The shimmer and glimmer takeover.
#25: The freedom from ditching hair dyes.
#26: Being a bad ass by embracing natural no-dye hair.

#27: Choosing to stop dyeing your hair is also self-love.
#28: It’s okay to let your hair be gray.
#29: Changing casting opportunities with a new hair color – gray.
#30: The beauty in aging.

With these women in the Grombre community proudly showcasing their hair color in fabulous ways, we bet more will embrace this trend and style in the near future.

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