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More and More Women Are Proudly Rocking Their Gray Hair and They Look Beautiful!





Most women would be horrified to wake up one morning and discover that she already has one of the most obvious signs of aging – gray hair. Graying of the hair is usually attributed to middle aged women or women approaching middle age, although there are some younger women who experience this earlier due to genetics.

The average woman who is concerned about her looks would frantically book a salon appointment to cover up her grays. Others would just buy a color kit at the drugstore and do the discreet retouching themselves.But there are several courageous women who decided to embrace the inevitable and rock their graying or silver hair proudly.

Thanks to celebrities such as Lady Gaga who promoted the platinum/silver hair trend, more and more women are accepting their natural manes.

A popular Instagram account called Grombre calls for “the radical celebration of the natural phenomenon of gray hair” and serves a supportive community for women who ditch their hair dye.

One of these women is Instagram user marina.l.defoor.

Grombre posted a picture of her proudly displaying her long silver hair in all its glory. She explained her decision to do so:

“I can remember being in 7th grade during a school “break” in the courtyard and my best friend grasping at the top of my head and exclaiming, “You have a gray hair!” She affectionately termed this my unicorn hair, and we watched as the year went on and more and more unicorn hair appeared on my head.

By the time I was 16, I had more unicorn hair than I could pull out or hide by changing my part, and I began coloring it on a monthly basis. This continued for six years until some time in 2015 when I began thinking, what if I just let it go, quit spending so much money and time on covering my gray, and just LET IT GO.

Honestly, I was pretty hesitant, but one evening when my boyfriend and his sweet family heard I was contemplating going gray, they encouraged me whole heartedly, giving me that boost of confidence I was lacking. Now, I wish I had never even began dying my hair in the first place!

Here I am today, at 27 years old, and I’ve sported a full head of gray hair for going on four years! The growing out stage was awkward of course. I even interviewed at my current firm with half gray, half brown hair thinking, “Please don’t let them think I’m crazy.” I can’t count how many people stop me on a DAILY basis to talk about my hair – it is the ultimate icebreaker. I’ve turned so many strangers into friends – young/old, male/female…, you name it. My heart feels so full when someone tells me I’ve inspired them to embrace their natural beauty as well – whatever it may be! So, what I’d like to say to you is, don’t hide your natural beauty, whatever it may be – embrace it! You’ll soon thank yourself.”

lori_dawnolyn wanted to set an example for her daughter and other younger girls.

“In choosing to embrace my grey, I was able to show my teenaged daughter and her friends think that women can age gracefully—and with confidence. Because true beauty lies in being able to not only accept, but to also celebrate, our uniqueness.”

alybden was only 15 years old when her greys started to appear and decided to embrace it!

“Some people have black hair, some have blonde hair- those who are lucky enough get white hair. It’s not something that anyone should ever feel they need to hide from. I get so upset when people say that white hair is ‘old.’ I was only 15 years old when I started going grey (just like many others here), it’s not old- it’s natural and it is beautiful.”

So is the grey hair trend here to stay? Are women really ready to ditch the dye and let nature take its course?

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