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30 Times People Realized They Knew Or Dated Celebrities In The Past





Celebrities fascinate hundreds of millions of people around the world. The idea of dating, or even just knowing a star is but a distant dream — or is it?

We see these celebs as hard to reach, and we most of the times forget that they are just regular people like the rest of us. In fact, a lot of them have a pretty normal lifestyle before they became famous. Here are 30 times people realized they knew or dated celebrities in the past.

1. Adam Sandler

2. Matt Le Blanc
3. Leonardo DiCaprio

4. Michelle Obama
5. Jamie Foxx

They called him “uncle Jami” when the actor dated their aunt.

6. The Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short)

The uploader said that their grandpa dated the Black Dahlia and was even considered a suspect during the interrogation of her mur der case.

7. Matthew McConaughey

8. Bradley Cooper

9. John Travolta


The post read:

“My mom was childhood friend with John Travolta and we found a photo of my nana and him.”

10. John Legend 

11. Ashton Kutcher

12. Woody Harrelson

13. Jimmy Fallon

14. Usher

15. “The Fonz” (Henry Winkler)

16. Queen Latifah

17. Drake

The one who sent this picture shared that their family is friends with Drake’s. Now we get to see what he looks like as a little boy.

18. Macho Man Randy Savage

19. Ariana Grande

20. Tupac

21. Zac Efron

Who knew Zac was a naughty young man.

22. Kevin Hart 

23.  Jay Z

24. Josh Hartnett 

25. Blake Shelton

The mom of the uploader dated Blake’s bass player.

26. Ansel Elgort

27. Tupac

28. Josh Duhamel

29. Tisha Campbell-Martin

30. Floyd Mayweather

Knowing someone famous is some kind of a big deal. We all either want to be celebrities or be friends with them, not realizing that this is actually very possible. In fact, these photos confirm that not all Hollywood stars were born in show business, most of them actually had a very normal life like the rest of us.

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