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30 Funny Photos Of Dogs Behaving Like Cats

They just have a feline nature for sure.


Ah, dogs. “Man’s best friend,” they say. Well, this is actually the common phrase people use for these domestic animals. They are either there to protect our home from harm (hello there, burglars) or to simply lighten up our day. However, dogs also do stuff that they are not supposed to do sometimes.

In this list, dogs can be seen doing things that cats will usually do – they sit next to a window, seemingly staring at something or they end up playing a big ball of yarn!

But no matter what, they still look cute and lovely. Well, they are dogs anyway. So, without further ado, below is a list of dogs trying to act like cats.

No need to worry. They will not bite.

#1. What a great way to start the list, right?

#2. Because there is nothing wrong with a little feline love.

#3. This Husky knows exactly how to cat.

#4. The hierarchy explains it all!

#5. This one here is actually pretty consistent.

#6. Just another cat-thinking-husky.

#7. Seriously, though. How the hell did it get there?

#8. Here goes that cat-thinking-husky again.

#9. LOL. This dog thinks he is the father or something.

#10. Now, this one here is really up for the role.

#11. A cat door intended for… wait, what?

#12. Remember the expression, "It's raining cats and dogs?"

#13. Just one of those normal days, eh?

#14. Wow. Dogs are really starting to get interested with fish.

#15. "Come down, boy. Come down."

#16. Pretty much convincing, though.

#17. Confirmed: Dogs love fences!

#18. This dog here really thinks he is cat.

#19. At least, passersby will understand.

#20. If this is not convincing, nothing else will.

#21. Legend says he cannot remember how he got there.

#22. The same thing goes for this one.

#23. They definitely have a thing for this cat stuff.

#24. What is this dog even thinking anyway?

#25. Yup, they have a thing.

#26. He just has too much cat in his life.

#27. A singe "meow" is enough to make him convincing.

#28. A cat in the box. I mean, a dog in the box.

#29. This does not need any explanation.

#30. Well, what a great way to end the list.


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