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25 Wholesome Pictures That Will Give You Happy Tears





We are so used to seeing negative moments and activities on television and social media that we sometimes forget that there is still so much good out there. People are actually not that bad like the media portray them.

It’s human instinct to care for other people. Be it our family members, friends, or strangers — when we feel that we can give them a helping hand, we do it. Here are 25 wholesome pictures that will surely make you smile — or tear up.

1. When trust is beautifully rewarded.

The man wrote:

“A couple of months ago, an elderly lady asked me to walk her home because she was scared she was going to slip on the ice. We’ve become friends, and now I walk her home almost every day.”

2. May this hero have a speedy recovery.

Fifteen-year-old Anthony Borges used his body to hold the classroom door shut to protect other students inside. Unfortunately, when the gunman fired through the door, he was hit five times.

3. A much-deserved award for saving someone’s life.

An officer talks a man out of committing suicide, and then the troubled man, who is now a father of two, gives the officer an award at the American Foundation Of Suicide eight years later.

4. Local group cuts lawns for the elderly, disabled, and single parent mothers for free.

5. “She took me 15 years ago and no one makes me as happy. We had the best xmas. I love my grandma so much.”

6. Kids always follow their hearts. These two are strangers but they hugged when they met.

7. This man reads everyday at lunch to a man who cannot.

8. Nurse sees former patient, who was paralyzed from the waist down, stand up on her own.

9. This is how good karma works.

10. Uber driver took passenger to the hospital and kept him company since most of his family lives out of the state.

11. The man on the left helped the other guy with his son’s homework.

12. Waiter assisted the disabled wife so her husband can eat his meal.

13. Sgt. Mike Maroney rrescued this very grateful girl 10 years ago during Hurricane Katrina.

14. No one is born racist.

15. When a kid teaches us how to have a peaceful community during protest.

16. These boys helped this homelesman that they see everyday.

17. Christmas elves at work.

18. This boy offering a bottle of water to a policeman during a hot day in Baltimore.

19. “Every time I come to my gym, this man is helping this employee with calculus.”

20. Police officer encourage woman to finish her first 10k marathon.

21. When being a server is more than just serving food.

22. Meeting an online buddy.

This 22-year-old guy from Harlem and 81-year-old woman from Florida became good pals after playing Words With Friends on Facebook.

23. When a man needed a kidney, his classmate from 50 years ago, who he is not close with helped out.

24. “100 Suits” nonprofit gives new suit and fresh start to men getting out of prison.

25. An officer talks to an autistic teen, who was possibly ready to harm himself.

Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to motivate someone to start turning their life around. Let people know they still matter.

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