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25 New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep





Everytime the New Year arrives, we come up with a long list of resolutions that we promise to strictly follow. Did you know that 90 percent of those who make resolutions are unable to follow through on them?

The secret to successful resolutions is, of course, to come up with resolutions that are simple and easier to keep. This way, you would feel a lot better about yourself and find more reasons to be grateful about the New Year.

Here’s a list of 25 easy-to-keep resolutions for the coming year:

25. Social life

Trying to get in touch with everyone from high school and college? Just pick one person you really want to communicate with.

24. Read more

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Set a specific number of books you want to read for the whole year. To make it more fun, pick titles too if you want.

23. Debt payment

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Paying off debts is a common resolution. An easier option is to come up with a debt restricting plan that will prove to be more helpful.

22. Travel

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To “travel more” is too general. Be specific. Choose a place you really want to visit and find ways to make it happen.

21. Learn a new language

You don’t have to necessarily be fluent. Reach a level you know you can attain with your learning curve and skill set.

20. Time with family

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Set a particular number of days you can visit your family or take out of town trips with them in a week or a month.

19. Volunteer

Want to try volunteering? Pick a cause you are passionate about so it would be easier for you to make time for it.

18. Lessening procrastination

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Lessening procrastination is a popular resolution. Thing is, this is not attainable unless you make specific goals such as “staying only 1 hour on social media”.

17. Lose weight

This has got to be number 1 on everyone’s lists. To lose the unwanted 20lbs, break it down to measurable goals. No one can lose 20 lbs in week that fast you know!

16. Learn to cook

Another favorite resolution is “learn to cook”. What you can promise to do instead is learn how to prepare a new meal once a week.

15. Staying fit

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Gyms are full every January but start to wane when February comes. Why not list down “take the stairs instead of the lift”?

14. Eat healthy

Sustainable healthy eating is more attainable than going on a drastic diet. Start with one healthy meal a day.

13. Stress

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Reducing stress levels is too vague. Instead, list down “get a massage once a week”, or “take long hot baths” which are much more doable.

12. Save money

Another popular resolution that gets broken too often too soon is to save money. When you are more specific with the amount, it gets easier to find ways to stick to the resolution.

11. Charity

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If you really want to donate, just go about doing it. It is easy to choose a charity to make a donation to.

10. Better sleep

Instead of always saying to “have better sleep”, set a regular sleep schedule at night you will adhere to. It should help you become healthier, too.

9. Taking a class

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Is there a skill you want to learn? Check out the classes and programs offered by community centers and colleges in your area.

8. Quit smoking

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Quitting smoking is one of the hardest to keep but still doable. Break down the process into small steps to help you achieve your goal.

7. Bike more

Since biking became popular, more people have promised to bike more. To make this more attainable, set a specific number of miles you wish to ride. This way, you don’t break your resolution.

6. Relax

This should be an easy resolution to keep. Right?

5. Quit drinking

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Just like smoking, quitting drinking can be hard to keep. It would be more manageable if you limit the amount of alcohol intake you drink on a weekly basis.

4. Keeping a journal

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Lots of people want to start writing a journal but tend to stop themselves they think it is time consuming. You don’t need a whole hour to write down your thoughts so go for it.

3. Find a better job

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Why not try to be satisfied with your current job first? Give it another push and you just might reap the benefits in the long run.

2. Staying tidy

Keeping the house nice and tidy doesn’t just happen. Set one day in the week for a general clean-up so you get to keep your resolution.

1. Making resolutions

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Some resolve not to make resolutions because they think it’s not doable. But the list above debunks that.

Go ahead and make your New Year’s resolutions for 2021 and have a great New Year everyone!

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